Mustang wheel spacers are aftermarket parts that are placed between the hub assembly and the wheels, the role of this part is to increase the distance from the wheels to the hub assembly, thus achieving the position of the wheels to push outward, the position of the wheels will bring many benefits, also Mustang wheel spacers need to be used carefully, no matter what parts on the modified car need to be safe, BONOSS will explain to you how Mustang wheel spacers work.

Bolt-on Mustang Wheel Spacers

Ford Mustang belongs to the classic American muscle car, the American car hub assembly uses lug nuts to fix wheels, and it needs bolt-on Mustang wheel spacers, its principle is to fix Mustang wheel spacers through lug nuts on the hub assembly, the alignment is through wheel stud and hub centric, Mustang wheel spacers come with lug nut on each wheel stud for stock wheel stud fixing.

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Mustang Wheel Spacers Lug Nuts

It is worth mentioning that Mustang wheel spacers come with the highest grade 10 lug nuts, forged from high-strength alloy steel, ISO898-6 grade 10 standard performance, certified by SGS and TUV authorities, tensile strength and yield strength can easily cope with external pressure. After installing Mustang wheel spacers, four wheels are installed. The lug nuts for fixing the wheels come from the stock wheel nuts, which correspond to the contact surface and the correct torque to ensure maximum clamping force.

Mustang wheel spacers’ outward adjustment position brings many benefits, the first point is the direct change in appearance, most of the vehicles in the wheels factory settings are in favor of conservative offset data, which led to the appearance of the wheels presented in the phenomenon of depression in fenders.

The most direct way to adjust the offset value is to install Mustang wheel spacers, of course, we do not deny the adjustment of camber, shock suspension, and a series of measures, but for the general players, too complicated. Mustang wheel spacers to adjust the offset value is very simple, for example, Mustang’s stock offset value is +35, and after the customer selects 20mm Mustang wheel spacers, the offset value is adjusted to +15.

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Mustang Wheel Spacers and Brake Kit

The second point is to allow for bigger brake kits. Mustang customers often upgrade to bigger brake kits, which often require more space for installation. Mustang wheel spacers are used to provide more space for the wheels and brakes to avoid friction. Mustang can choose to upgrade the performance brake kits from AP Racing, Brembo, ALCON, and other brands, so you don’t have to worry about these brake kits rubbing against Mustang, Mustang wheel spacers can help Mustang solve these problems.

Mustang wheel spacers bring customers more satisfaction in appearance and hardware, the Mustang wheel spacers sold by BONOSS are designed and produced by us, and Active Cooling wheel spacers have the latest heat dissipation patent. As Mustang wheel spacers are often installed in high-temperature and high-pressure situations, active heat dissipation helps wheel spacers handle extreme situations more easily.

In addition, Mustang wheel spacers itself is forged from 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum alloy material, with high strength tensile and yield properties, even in the course of decades of use can still maintain excellent mechanical properties, will not occur the case of fracture.



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