The 2022 Honda Civic did not disappoint the Civic fans while the SUV is the trend of the auto market. It’s believed that the correspondent accessories will meet the requirement of modification enthusiasts. Wheel spacer gradually becomes a choice for Civic owners to upgrade the appearance and the wheel systems. If you want to catch the chance to be a wheel spacers dealer, how should you choose the best 2022 Honda Civic OEM wheel spacers?

The Independent Factory to Produce 2022 Civic Wheel Spacers

If the wheel spacers manufacturer has its own factory, the efficiency of production will be enhanced significantly. At first, the total time including shipping can be controlled in 3-5 days, which can be achieved by BONOSS at least. This can help you save cost, time, and communication in the whole process. Besides, the independent factory of wheel spacers also means the professionalism of the manufacturer, while some shoddy products are just arbitrarily produced from an unknown factory.

The High-quality Materials Used to Produce 2022 Civic Wheel Spacers

To protect the quality problems of 2022 Honda Civic wheel spacers in daily use such as breaking, vibration or rubbing, the materials must be advanced. Generally, aluminum alloy 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 are the best materials in the production of wheel spacers because they have excellent hardness, toughness, fatigue strength, and corrosion resistance than the common steel. High-performance materials are the best promise of safety and vehicle capability. If you want more rewards, don’t mind the relatively high cost of these two materials.


The Core Technology of 2022 Civic Wheel Spacers

A core technology will make your 2022 Civic wheel spacers distinguish from other competitors. The right of the patented technology is included in the wheel spacers OEM service, which saves your energy of innovation or obtaining the right to use. For instance, BONOSS has gained the patented technology “Active Cooling” on the wheel spacers. You could see there are aerodynamic curves on the spacers’ surface and knurling around the cylinder. These can help to speed up the airflow in the wheel system and take away more heat to protect the safety of Honda Civic wheel spacers and other components.