The OEM wheel spacer is the choice of many carmakers and accessories retailers to achieve economies of scale while maintaining or even exceeding the original quality. Not long ago, 2022 Lucid Air is available to the public. The relative accessories or aftermarket components of 2022 Lucid Air are believed to come soon too. How to choose a high-quality and trusty OEM wheel spacers manufacturer for 2022 Lucid Air or any other brands? This article may provide an ideal choice for you.

Whats the Benefit of 2022 Lucid Air OEM Wheel Spacers?

Saving your time and resources. For carmakers, the core program should be the hard equipment such as turbocharger, suspension system, brake system, information system, etc. But if you want to expand your business, entrusting the side branch items to OEM companies is a sane choice. OEM companies specializing in wheel spacers design and production have economies of scale, and promise of quality.

Maintaining the official standard. OEM Lucid Air wheel spacers can keep with the requirement and standards of automaker or accessories retailers. You can reckon as the personal factory serving for you. No matter you want to use your own design or patented design belonging to OEM companies, you can mark with the original logo. The materials, process, progress are all under control.

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How To Choose 2022 Lucid Air OEM Wheel Spacers?

Independent factory. This is the first factor to check since efficiency and trust are what OEM customers pursue. Independent factory means you don’t need to communicate with another third party which you’re not familiar with. The link with the third party could also be deleted to enhance the efficiency of the whole production.

Patented Technology. The patented technology is a sale point in the competition with other products because it makes 2022 Lucid Air wheel spacers perform better. The royalties of the patented technology are included in the OEM service. For example, BONOSS OEM wheel spacers have the world’s first technology “Active Cooling”, which is definitely an advantage on Lucid air wheel spacers to take away the heat caused by the brake kit, wheel spacers, and the whole wheel system will work efficiently.

Guaranteed Certifications. The relative certificates about products and companies are the basic guarantees of 2022 Lucid Air wheel spacers. Any high-performance wheel spacers and matching studs/bolts should have passed authoritative tests many times. Legitimate business license, product warranty, and valid contact ways are factors to evaluate an OEM company.


In the international and cooperated society today, the distribution of time and sources determines whether you could succeed or not. Relatively low cost to gain high-quality products is an only profitable trade. Of course, the premise is that you have to keep your eyes open to make the right selection. Welcome to browse our products and cases, and please contact us on our official website. More surprising sales of Black Friday on OEM lucid Air wheel spacers or matching products will be available.