BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers 2022 Benz S-Class W223 S450 5×112 66.6mm by rongyan.1

What Are 2022 Benz S-Class Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are installed between the vehicle’s hub and rims to move the 2022 Benz S-Class wheel further from components like brake caliper and suspension, avoiding rubbing issues and enhancing stability. They can also provide a wider track for the 2022 Maybach W223 which can enhance performance and make the exterior of the 2022 Benz S-Class more aggressive and sporty.

However, the complicated aspect of 2022 Benz S-Class wheel spacers is that you will have to do the necessary preparation to carefully measure and determine the exact size you will ultimately need because every single vehicle will be different. Even with the same model, there are subtle differences. The custom size of the 2022 Benz S-Class wheel spacers is safer for driving.

Hub-centric Vs Generic 2022 Benz S-Class Wheel Spacers

Generic wheel spacers for the 2022 Benz S-Class are available in most auto accessories stores because they are often made to adapt to more different bolt patterns. However, the vibration and rubbing issues probably happen because they are not customized to your 2022 Benz S-Class.

2022 Benz S-Class hub-centric wheel spacers are customized as accurately as the hub of your 2022 Benz S-Class W233 S450. For example, the 5×112 wheel spacers are made to fit especially to the  2022 Benz S-Class that runs the 5×112 bolt pattern with the 66.6mm center bore which is the diameter of the ring where the wheel is bolted to the hub.

Use 2022 Benz S-Class Wheel Spacers When Suspension Rubes Against Wheels

Although you can feel the peak of the excitement as you remount your 2022 Benz S-Class wheels after installing the new suspension, you will only find that you can’t put back the wheel because the wheel is rubbing against the upgraded suspension.

To solve this, you will have to use 2022 Benz S-Class wheel spacers to provide larger space inside, allowing the wheel and tire to clear the suspension. To decide the right size of the spacer, you will need to measure according to one of the situations below.

One situation is for Japanese-made vehicles like Honda, Nissan, and Jeep. For this type of fastening, the needed clearance could be measured by putting the washers onto the wheel studs.  The thickness of the 2022 Benz S-Class wheel spacers you need will be equal to the thickness of the washers you put on the studs. If the needed spacer is thicker than 5mm, you may need to also change extended lug studs or purchase bolt-on 2022 Benz S-Class wheel spacers which are designed with studs.

How To Measure The Thickness Of The 2022 Benz S-Class Wheel Spacers

 For vehicles using lug bolts like the 2022 Benz S-Class, the thickness of the wheel spacers is a little more complicated. To ease the placement of the washers, you can purchase one or two extension rods and insert them into the axle and measure the washer as mentioned above. Besides, a stud conversion kit is also an ideal choice, which could change the bolt pattern into the nut pattern, making the measurement of 2022 Benz S-Class wheel spacers easier, and even easing the disassembly and installation of the wheels.

The thickness of 2022 Benz S-Class wheel spacers is determined by the clearance between the axle and the fender flare. Measuring clearance to the fender is much easier than the way mentioned above. With a square, place one side parallel to the sidewall of the tire, and push the other side against the fender. The lateral distance marked on the square is just the extreme thickness that makes the wheel flush with the fender. However, to avoid rubbing on the fender, it’s recommended to go with the 2022 Benz S-Class wheel spacer that is a little bit smaller than the measured range.

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2022 Benz S-Class W223 wheel spacers 5×112 66.6mm
BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers 2022 Benz S-Class W223 S450 5×112 66.6mm by rongyan.3