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When you shop for wheel spacers, hub-centric is always better. A hub-centric wheel spacer comes with a middle center ring which is specially machined to fit your vehicle hub. Most modern car wheel hubs are multi-layer designs, meaning a single-layer hub-centric ring may not fit perfectly.

Hub-centric wheel spacers can help eliminate high-speed vibration by filling the gap between the aftermarket wheel and the hub assembly. By custom data, hub-centric wheel spacers make it possible to install aftermarket wheels with different center diameters.

Compared with an ordinary hub-centric, BONOSS uses the multi-stage hub-centric design, which means that a multi-stage hub-centric can make the wheel spacers more closely fitted to the wheel hub, significantly reducing the vibration of high-speed caused by the inaccurate hub centric.

Are Hub-centric Wheel Spacers Better for Mercedes-Benz G550-xu (1)

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Non-hub-centric Wheel Spacers

The lack of hub-centric wheel spacers is dangerous, both slip-on wheel spacers and bolt-on wheel spacers need hub centric to place the wheel spacers in the center ring position with the hub assembly, while the protruding hub centric of the wheel spacers should fit with the contact surface of the hub flanges on an axle, and the wheel spacers will not affect the original force structure when the two fit. Relying only on lug bolts or lug nuts, the wheel spacers cannot maintain a concentric position with the hub assembly. Feedback from road bumps during driving may cause wear of the bolt holes or breakage of the bolts, and when the bolts are subjected to excessive cross-cutting force from the bolt holes, thread damage or breakage may cause danger.

Are Hub-centric Wheel Spacers Better for Mercedes-Benz G550-xu (1)

BONOSS produces Lightweight Plus wheel spacers and Active Cooling wheel spacers with hub-centric design and CNC machining to an accuracy of 0.02mm. Measuring the center bore data is necessary to design and produce a more suitable part. In the case of the Toyota Camry, many manufacturers know that the wheel center hole is 60.1mm, and without the actual mapping data, they would just produce 60.1mm. Although it can be installed, it will increase the probability of high-speed vibration. However, we found through actual mapping that 60.02mm is a more perfect experience. Perhaps this 0.02mm detail is one of the reasons why BONOSS wheel spacers are chosen by everyone.