Hub-centric Hyundai Veloster wheel spacers are better than lug-centric ones. Hub-centric is fixed by the structure of protrusions and indentations in the center of the wheel spacers, while wheel studs fix lug-centric. The difference in force points significantly affects the material structure’s lifespan and safety. Hub-centric is a type of wheel spacer that many customers trust. Most well-known brands sell hub-centric Hyundai Veloster wheel spacers. This shows that hub-centric Hyundai Veloster wheel spacers can be trusted.

The hub-centric indentation structure of Hyundai Veloster wheel spacers fits one side of the vehicle’s hub, and the vehicle’s seat is in a ring shape. The hub-centric center ring can help the Hyundai Veloster wheel spacers fix onto the vehicle semi-fixedly.

Lug-centric wheel spacers are fixed using wheel studs and then secured using lug nuts after passing through the wheel studs, but the lack of a hub-centric structure can lead to increased wear and tear. The wear and tear of the bolt holes will decrease clamping force, directly causing the Hyundai Veloster wheel spacers to become loose.

Why Are Hub-centric Important for Hyundai Veloster Wheel Spacers?

Hub-centric wheel spacers are designed to be precisely installed on the vehicle’s hub and center the wheel properly. When installing wheel spacers, there will be a gap between the seat and the wheel, so Hyundai Veloster wheel spacers need to maintain a centered position with the hub to ensure safety. If the spacers aren’t adequately centered, it can cause vibration, wheel wobble, and unbalanced driving, which will be amplified when the vehicle is driven at high speeds.

By using hub-centric wheel spacers, you can ensure the weight of the vehicle is evenly distributed across the entire wheel assembly, reducing the risk of vibration and wheel wobble. In addition, hub-centric wheel spacers provide a firmer fit, reducing the pressure on the wheel bolts and the risk of the wheel coming loose or falling off. Hub-centric wheel spacers help maintain the balance of the wheel assembly, provide a firmer fit, and reduce the risk of vibration, wheel wobble, and other issues related to improper wheel assembly.

Furthermore, the manufacturing process for high-quality Hyundai Veloster wheel spacers often requires high-precision CNC machining. BONOSS ensures precision within an error range of 0.02mm through database verification, which helps match parts and ensure safety.

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Are Hub-centric Hyundai Veloster Wheel Spacers or Lug-centric Better?

What Do You Pay Attention to Put Hyundai Veloster Wheel Spacers?

Even high-quality Hyundai Veloster wheel spacers require extra attention during installation. In addition to aligning them with the hub, you need to use rust remover and sandpaper to remove any rust before installation. Checking the fit after installing Hyundai Veloster wheel spacers will also be necessary. Since the locking method for Hyundai Veloster wheel spacers is lug nuts and wheel studs, you also need to check the protrusion length of the stock wheel studs. Sometimes, you may need to choose 25mm Hyundai Veloster wheel spacers to fit the stock wheel studs.

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