If you’re an Audi A1 owner looking to get a more aggressive stance by pushing your wheels out, installing wheel spacers is a popular modification. But is going with a 1.5 inch spacer safe? Yes, 1.5 inch quality Audi A1 wheel spacers are safe when installed properly. In this post, we’ll look at the pros and cons of choosing this size spacer for your A1.

Potential Benefits of a 1.5 Inch Spacer

Here are some of the benefits you can get from installing a 1.5 inch wheel spacer on an Audi A1:

  • Wider track stance enhances the car’s visual appeal
  • Wheels sit more flush with the fender for improved fitment
  • Reduce wheel gap for a lower appearance
  • Improved handling and cornering from the wider track width
  • Allows fitting larger aftermarket wheels

The moderate 1.5 inch size spacer lets you achieve these improvements without going overboard. For many A1 owners, this provides an ideal balance.

Is 1.5 Inches Safe for the A1?

Here are some ways to ensure safe use of a 1.5 inch Audi A1 spacer:

  • Only use high-quality hub-centric spacers that evenly distribute load
  • Have a professional install and torque the spacers to spec
  • Periodically check torque and inspect components

With good quality spacers properly installed, a 1.5 inch size should not adversely impact control or safety.

Is a 1.5 inch Audi A1 Wheel Spacer Safe?

Best Practices for Audi A1 Wheel Spacers

To make the most of spacers on your A1 safely, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Choose hub-centric spacers
  • Re-torque the wheels after the first 60-100 miles of driving
  • Inspect bolts and check torque every 5,000 miles

Following these tips will allow you to run 1.5 inch spacers safely long-term.

Are BONOSS Audi A1 Wheel Spacers a Good Choice?

BONOSS makes reputable wheel spacers and is a popular choice among Audi owners. Their spacers feature:

  • TUV&SGS certification for safety and quality
  • Globally exclusive active cooling technique to cool wheels and brakes
  • Made of forged 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum construction
  • Precise hub-centric fitment to properly center wheels
  • Anodized coating for corrosion resistance

BONOSS offers the A1 spacers in precise 1.5 inch sizing with high standards. Their quality materials, engineering, and validation testing allow for a safe spacer solution.

A 1.5 inch wheel spacer can give your Audi A1 the perfect stance while maintaining safety. Just take care to buy quality hub-centric spacers, properly install them, and inspect them routinely. Following the tips covered here will allow you to enhance your A1’s look confidently. Drive safely!