Using wheel spacers to clear rubbing issues is a good modification that most people will do. By enlarging the track width, they add more stability. It allows for better grip and traction, hence you will have better handling especially when cornering. Due to the increased inner wheel clearance, you are less limited to aftermarket brake and wheel options. This is good for those enthusiasts who want to make their cars look cool and sporty.

Decades of optimization and countless cases have proven that as long as you install them properly, quality wheel spacers are completely safe. Brand spacer manufacturers (like BONOSS) ensure that their wheel spacers are built with high-quality materials. Through an advanced forging process, the strength is further improved. The finished wheel spacers are hard-anodizing to resist corrosion so that they can work well for a long time without any problems.

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What Wheel Spacers Will Fit My Car?

When it comes to quality wheel spacers, fitment is really important. In order for a spacer to function properly, it has to be exactly the same size as the original wheel hub. For example, the 5×130 wheel spacers are made to fit exactly to cars that run the 5×130 bolt pattern. The center bore is designed to be 84.1mm which is the diameter of the hub flange where the wheel seats to the original vehicle hub.

Always choose genuine brand wheel spacers, no matter the price. Some suppliers claim that their universal spacers can fit various vehicles properly. They are also cheaper. However, part of the reason why these universal wheel spacers are cheap is that those manufacturers tend to use low-grade materials that will crack, rust, or deteriorate over time. It’s quite risky to use wheel spacers made with unreliable materials that are quick to break.

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Do I Need New Wheel Bolts for Wheel Spacers?

When installing wheel spacers, it is a good idea to replace the wheel bolts. Wheel bolts are designed to achieve a specific clamping force or bolt tension to join the wheel, spacer, and brake rotor together. Simply put, the higher strength of the bolts, the more forces or stresses that the bolts can withstand without breaking. So, you can choose new wheel bolts to tighten the wheels on wheel spacers meanwhile improving the performance and appearance.

BONOSS forged shell-type wheel lock bolts are designed to ensure a stable wheel connection. They consist of standard grade 12.9 wheel bolts and forged 7075-T6 shells. A grade 12.9 marking means the tensile strength of this wheel bolt has reached metric grade 12.9 standards – tensile strength ≥ 1,220 MPa. In addition, the shells are available in a variety of colors, such as red, black, blue, grey, etc. Applying wheel bolts of the correct colors would make your wheels look fashionable and beautiful.

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