When modifying your Land Rover Freelander, one of the most popular upgrades is adding wheel spacers. Wheel spacers push the wheels outward from the hub, giving your Freelander a wider, more aggressive stance. But with so many spacer options on the market, how do you know which size and brand to choose? In this review, we’ll cover the best practices for running Land Rover Freelander wheel spacers, and recommend one of the highest-quality spacer brands: BONOSS.

What Size Land Rover Freelander Wheel Spacers Are Best?

Choosing the right size wheel spacer comes down to your goals, budget, and understanding your Freelander’s suspension geometry. Most owners run 25-35mm spacers, which pushes the stock wheels out 1-1.5 inches. This moderately wide stance enhances the truck’s presence without looking tacked on. It also minimizes strain on the stock components.

You can go wider if you desire a more aggressive off-road look.

For the factory wheels, we recommend BONOSS 25mm or 30mm spacers. They deliver excellent added width while engineering high-quality components that won’t burden the stock suspension. You’ll enjoy the bonus clearance for larger tires too.

Will Land Rover Freelander Wheel Spacers Fail?

Like any automotive accessory, cheap or poorly-made wheel spacers can be dangerous. However, quality spacers that see proper installation and maintenance are quite reliable. Let’s analyze the factors that cause spacer failures:

Incorrect Fitment: Wheel spacers must precisely match your Freelander’s bolt pattern, hub size, studs vs bolts, etc. Improper fitment leads to insecurity, vibration and cracking. Always buy Land Rover-specific, hub-centric spacers.

Inferior Materials: Wheel spacers see incredibly high loads from cornering, impacts, braking, acceleration forces, and more. They must maintain tight tolerances without warping or fracturing. Quality spacers use aircraft-grade aluminum or steel alloys.

Improper Installation: If installed incorrectly, even the best spacers can loosen or fail. Proper torque specifications must be followed, along with anti-seize lubricant on the mating surfaces. Periodic retorque is also a must.

Paying attention to quality, fitment, installation and maintenance minimizes any spacer risks. Again, the 25-35mm range optimized for your Freelander avoids overburdening the components.

Ultimate Review of Land Rover Freelander Wheel Spacers

Why BONOSS Land Rover Freelander Wheel Spacers Are Best?

After installing and testing countless spacer brands about 20 years, we confidently recommend BONOSS. Their Land Rover Freelander wheel spacers set the industry standard for quality and performance. Here’s why they can’t be beaten:

  • Vehicle-Specific Engineering: BONOSS individually designs each spacer kit. This guarantees a precision hub-centric fit with no vibrations or cracking.
  • Aircraft-Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum: Extreme tensile and yield strength manages tremendous cornering and impact forces.
  • CNC Machined: Computer precision cutting.
  • Comprehensive Size Range: Tons of options from 15mm to 60mm. Get ideal width for your setup and goals.

Take your Land Rover Freelander’s appearance, capability and performance up a level with BONOSS wheel spacers. Their vehicle-specific designs, aircraft-grade aluminum, CNC machining and unbeatable warranty deliver unmatched quality and results. Learn more or pick up a set at the links above!

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