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The installation and use of wheel spacers require special care, especially when the installation requires extra attention to detail. In the case of Lincoln Navigator, American cars and Japanese cars with the same fixed structure are installed with BLM Series Wheel Spacers, also known as Stud-on Wheel Spacers, which are fixed by the wheel nuts that come with the wheel spacers. Unlike Slip-on Wheel Spacers, Stud-on Wheel Spacers are not only fixed by the original wheel nuts but also by the wheel nuts of the wheel spacers. It is also necessary to check the parts more carefully during installation.

Stud-on Wheel Spacers may have the situation that the original studs are too long so that after installing wheel spacers, the depth of the wheel pocket on the inside of the wheel can not accommodate the original studs. There are two ways to solve this problem, the first is to replace the thicker wheel spacers. The thickness of the wheel spacers will provide space for the original studs to avoid the situation of incompatibility with the wheel pocket; another method is to cut the original studs and then install wheel spacers because after installing wheel spacers, the original studs are aligned, not with wheel holes but with wheel pockets. pocket, this method can also be solved.

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How to Cut Studs for Wheel Spacers?

Before you cut, you need to know that the cut studs are permanent. If you need the original length of studs, you may need to buy wheel studs or go to a repair store for a replacement. Cut studs can be done by yourself or go to a professional car repair store for help, BONOSS recommends that it be done by a professional. The following is the DIY process just for reference. First, you need to measure the depth of the wheel pocket to ensure that the cut length can accommodate the wheel studs, then measure the length of the original wheel studs after installing the wheel spacers, the wheel studs minus the length of the wheel pocket is the length that needs to be cut. Finally, remove the wheel spacers and cut them. The recommended cutting tool is an angle grinder or hack. Cut along the threads and clean up the cut.

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Is it Safe for Studs on Wheel Spacers?

The wheel studs used on BONOSS wheel spacers are all made of 12.9-grade material. Wheel studs are wheel bolts but fixedly on wheel spacers. In the grade is now the highest standard wheel bolts, the selected is SCM440 high-performance material, its performance is mainly reflected in 1220 MPa Tensile Strength, 152,000 Ultimate Tensile Load, 121,000 N Proof Load, 2,000,000 Stress Cycles Limited Life Range, 500 H Neutral Salt Spray, more excellent performance than the original parts. The wheel nuts equipped are also the highest grade 10 products. All products have been tested by SGS and TUV for quality, and the data is provided by SGS and TUV. You can check it out here. BONOSS wheel spacers are worth having.

Vehicles are designed with different fenders, but part of the design is too conservative, resulting in the wheels being deeply recessed in the fenders, which is unbearable for some customers who seek a perfect appearance. The wheel spacers can solve this problem by pushing the rims outward until they are flush with the fender. The thickness of the wheel spacers is optional, and the flush fender appearance will give your vehicle a neater look, while the wheel spacers provide more stable handling when steering for a better driving experience.

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