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Wheel bolts are used by most European car brands as a straightforward way of fixing the rim, while in the aftermarket market, there is a wide variety of OEM wheel bolts, each with its characteristics. Locking wheel bolts as one of the popular products explain the need for anti-theft wheel bolts in this market. The Forged Shell Type Lock & Bolt Kit designed by BONOSS solves this problem perfectly by adding a custom color shell on top of the anti-theft wheel bolts, providing customers with an attractive and outstanding wheel bolt.

OE wheel bolts are more than just fixed rim parts, they can be a reflection of the car owner’s attitude towards car modification and the urge to make pedestrians look at them more than once. OE wheel bolts provide consumers with safety based on load strength, hardness, and tensile strength. In aftermarket wheel bolts, you can get more products with features, but you also have to be careful to identify whether these great-looking products keep the performance on the surface. OE wheel bolts provide consumers with safety and security based on load strength, hardness, and tensile strength. These are the same standards that BONOSS insists on for its high-quality products.

What Are Wheel Locking Bolts?

There are many types of screw head drives, including Hexagon, Pentagon, Socket 6 spline, etc. Common wheel bolts can be installed and removed using a socket, but special ones such as the Socket 6 spline wheel bolt require special tools for removal. Some OEM wheel bolts manufacturers are set up to produce unique wheel bolt structures with tools that will greatly protect your valuable rims.

BONOSS locking wheel bolts are designed with an anti-theft design in the head and equipped with special installation and removal tools. Theoretically, only one locking wheel bolt is needed for each rim, BONOSS provides a total of 4 anti-theft bolts for the vehicle. The rest are regular 12.9 Grade wheel bolts. And in each wheel bolt, including the locking wheel bolt, is designed to embellish your wheel bolts and, at the same time to a certain extent, make the wheel bolt anti-fouling and anti-corrosion, greatly extending the life of the wheel bolts.

What Are Locking Wheel Bolts for 2022 Porsche 911-xu (5)

What Are Locking Wheel Bolts for 2022 Porsche 911-xu (4)

Can Wheel Bolt Be Changed?

BONOSS Wheel bolts are interchangeable, not only for the wheel bolt itself but also for the color of the housing. After thousands of data measurements, BONOSS obtains the most accurate data on OE wheel bolts, including wheel bolt length, threads, contact surfaces, cross-sectional diameter, and more. BONOSS’ Shell Type Wheel Lock & Bolt Kit (Honeycomb Style) provides thread data including M12x1.5, M14x1.25, M14x`1.5, etc., which can perfectly match your car. In terms of shell color options, this product offers eight color schemes, including Grey, silver, Deep Blue, Sky Blue, Purple, Gold, Red, and Black.

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What Are Locking Wheel Bolts for 2022 Porsche 911-xu (2)

In terms of the quality of the product, the material of the screw is SCM440 or higher, and the grade of the bolt is 12.9, which is the highest standard bolt at present. It has excellent performance, including 1282MPa Tensile Strength, 152,000N Ultimate Tensile Load, and 500H Neutral Salt Spray. These key data can provide a strong backing of trust for the product while providing customers with a more reassuring shopping experience.

What Are Locking Wheel Bolts for 2022 Porsche 911-xu (1)