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Lug nuts are fixed to the hub by tooling installation, and after installation, the clamping force is applied to the hub by the lug nuts to keep the wheel in a fixed position relative to the hub during thousands of rotational movements. When the wheel shakes, the looseness of the parts, the pressure relief of the tire, and even the shape of the wheel are among the causes. Can one or two damaged lug nuts cause wheel vibration? The answer is yes. Assuming it is just idling on the pit bench, the shake may not be noticeable, but when driving on the road, the road feedback received by the vehicle will be transmitted directly from the lug nuts holding the wheel to the hub as well as the chassis, and the subtle shake will be amplified.

Can Wrong Lug Nuts Cause Honda Accord Vibration?

Using lug nuts with wrong threads or contact surfaces will endanger driving safety. When tightening the wrong lug nuts and studs, it seems to make the threads bite together, but when tightening, both the threads of the lug nuts and studs are damaged, and eventually, the threads will not bite together to produce a clamping force on the wheel, and this operation will lead to replacing the stock studs and the need to purchase a new set of lug nuts. This happens most often when lug nuts are installed using an air Impact wrench, the excessive torque value makes it impossible for the installer to recognize if the threads are slipping, please use a torque wrench and specific value to install, and stop the installation immediately when the threads are incorrect and check the condition of the part.

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Take Honda Accord, for example, the contact surface of the lug nuts used is the spherical seat, there are two contact surfaces here, in addition to the contact surface of the lug nuts should be spherical there is also the contact surface of the wheel nut hole of Honda Accord is also spherical, the contact surface of Honda Accord’s stock wheel is not different from most of the American and Japanese brands. The aftermarket rims are also dominated by conical lug nuts, of which 45° conical lug nuts are mostly used in motorsports and 60° conical lug nuts are mostly used in normal cars. The use of the wrong contact surface will lead to lug nuts and nut mounting hole contact area becomes less, the friction generated by the clamping force becomes less, at the same time in a long time in the road feedback generated uneven surface friction, lug nuts lose is bound to happen as a result.

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The effect of uneven force is huge. Lug nuts are installed on the wheel in an even arrangement, whether it is five lug nuts or four lug nuts, the lack of one lug nut will result in uneven force and will likely lead to loosening of the rest of the lug nuts and thus the wheel coming off. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), lug nut tightness is relevant in more than half of all-wheel separations in the United States.

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When the lug nuts are damaged, please replace the lug nuts promptly. BONOSS has 7075-T6 aluminum alloy lug nuts, forged lug nuts have better performance, and new lug nuts can be installed by yourself under the guidance of BONOSS, nine colors of lug nuts also provide more choices for customers. For your driving safety, please check and replace these small parts in time.