Installing wheel spacers on your Mercedes Benz can provide a wider stance and more aggressive look. However, not all wheel spacers are created equal when it comes to safety and performance. Choosing low-quality spacers can lead to issues like vibration, wheel bearing failure, and even wheel separation at high speeds. So what type of Mercedes Benz wheel spacers are actually safe to use?

When shopping for wheel spacers, you want to look for a few key features that indicate quality manufacturing and materials. Here are some things to look for:

  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction – Quality spacers will use durable aluminum alloy rather than cheaper cast iron or steel. Aircraft grade aluminum provides strength while keeping weight low.
  • CNC machined – Precision CNC machining ensures an exact fitment and eliminates imperfections in the metal that can lead to cracking or warping under stress. Hand-welded or low tolerance spacers often fail prematurely.
  • Hub-centric design – A hub-centric spacer centers on the wheel hub rather than just the lug nuts. This provides better stability and weight distribution across the wheel assembly. Lug-centric spacers can cause vibration issues.
  • Correct bolt pattern – Spacers need to match the bolt pattern of your Mercedes wheels to properly center and secure them. Universal fitment spacers often have sloppy machining.
  • Anodized coating – An anodized coating protects the aluminum from corrosion and preserves the finish.
  • Load testing – Reputable brands test their spacers under loaded conditions to ensure they can handle the stress.

What type of Mercedes Benz wheel spacers are safe?

The BONOSS Mercedes Benz wheel spacers

One brand of Mercedes Benz wheel spacers that checks all the boxes for safety and quality is BONOSS. Here’s why BONOSS spacers are a cut above the rest:

  • 7075T6 aircraft grade aluminum – This high-end aluminum alloy is exceptionally strong while remaining lightweight. It won’t crack or warp from street and track use.
  • Precision CNC machining – BONOSS uses ultra-precise CNC machines to make their spacers within 0.02mm tolerance. This guarantees a reliable, vibration-free fit.
  • Hub-centric design – All BONOSS spacers center on the wheel hub to evenly distribute load.
  • Proper bolt patterns – BONOSS spacers are application-specific with correct bolt patterns for your Mercedes wheels.
  • Hard anodized in black – The black anodized coating on BONOSS spacers won’t chip or fade over time like paint. Anodizing also provides corrosion and weather resistance.
  • TUV & SGS certified – BONOSS spacers meet all TUV & SGS safety and durability standards.

Upgrading to wider wheels and tires is one of the best ways to add an aggressive stance to your Mercedes. BONOSS spacers let you dial in your fitment with confidence using aerospace-grade components, precision manufacturing, and rigorous testing. For increased performance and safety with your wheel upgrade, make sure to choose quality BONOSS spacers.