mercedes g class stud conversion kit--bonoss

Mercedes-Benz G Class is deeply remembered by people because of its tall and square stance, it is really a tough SUV to show your rich and famous. Therefore, the owners of Mercedes G Class generally have higher requirements for the appearance of their vehicles. This time we invited a 2021 G 63 AMG to our BONOSS Mod Day, the owner wanted to upgrade the wheels and wanted to get rid of the traditional design of wheel fasteners—the wheel bolts used in European cars.

You know, for both convenience and appearance, we BONOSS provide our Forged Titanium Exposed Wheel Stud Conversion Kit for Mercedes AMG G63 W463 Facelift to meet the car owners. So, let’s take a look at the benefits of the Mercedes G Class stud conversion kit, and what result we got!

mercedes g class stud conversion kit--bonoss

What’s The Difference Between The Mercedes G Class Stud Conversions And Wheel Bolts?

Almost all vehicles you can see on the street that their wheels are held in place by wheel studs or wheel bolts. Generally speaking, the vehicles manufactured by European car manufacturers (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, Audi…) use wheel bolts to fix the wheel, while Japan (Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi…), South Korea (Kia, Hyundai…), etc. Car manufacturers choose wheel studs. What’s the difference? Why do we BONOSS recommend using Mercedes G Class stud conversion kits to convert wheel bolts into wheel studs?

The fit method of wheel bolts is using bolts through the wheel seat hole, then through the brake rotor hat, and directly inserting the axle hub to lock everything in place. Such a design method of the wheel fastener will cause a lot of inconveniences when modifying the vehicle. After you remove all the wheel bolts when you retrofit, the brake rotor is free to rotate because there are no wheel bolts that hold it in place.

The second is that when you need to put the tire back on after you’ve modified it, you need to align all the parts while carrying the heavy tire before installing the wheel bolts. This is very laborious and dangerous for the person installing the wheel when you do not have professional equipment such as a wheel removal lever to assist wheel installation.

mercedes g class stud conversion kit--bonoss

But once you install the Mercedes G Class stud conversion kit to replace the wheel bolt, you will convert your vehicle to wheel studs fastener type. This is exactly what this modding kit can do.

The Mercedes G Class stud conversion kit is a special screw with threads on both ends. The short thread end is mounted on the axle hub according to the vehicle data and fastened with the required torque. At this time, the long thread section at the other end becomes the wheel studs type, which is exactly the same as the original wheel studs design when used.

Then you can make your European car enjoy the convenience and benefits of wheel studs design. For example:

1. Provides a more convenient and safe possibility to change tires.

2. When replacing the aftermarket wheel, rally wheel, or racing wheel with different thicknesses, it is not necessary to change extended wheel bolts. Or you need to change a different set of wheel bolts to match the screw seat type of the wheel. Or more thickness options when installing wheel spacers.

3. Using the studs conversion kit can also enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Because the stud conversion kit can highlight the surface of the wheel. This will perfectly enhance the appearance and practicality of the vehicle at the same time.