If you own an MG car and want to enhance its aesthetic appeal or improve its handling, installing wheel spacers can help achieve those goals. Wheel spacers allow you to fit larger diameter wheels and tires while providing proper wheel clearance. However, not all wheel spacers are created equal when it comes to safety. That’s why you should only use hub-centric spacers if you decide to install spacers on your MG.

What are hub-centric wheel spacers?

Hub-centric spacers are designed to center on the hub of the wheel, not the lug nuts. This ensures the wheel spacer makes direct contact with the hub rather than hanging off the lug studs. Hub-centric spacers properly support the weight of the wheel instead of putting added stress on the lug nuts and studs. They distribute the load evenly across the wheel hub.

Why hub-centric is safer than lug-centric?

Lug-centric spacers center on the wheel’s lug nuts rather than the hub. This means the spacer hangs off the lugs rather than sitting flush with the hub. All of the weight and force is placed on small contact points on the lugs. This can lead to cracked or broken lugs, stripped threads, and wheel wobble.

With lug-centric spacers, the wheels are more likely to vibrate or move independently of the hub since they are not perfectly centered. This dynamic imbalance leads to unpredictable handling and traction loss.

Benefits of hub-centric MG wheel spacers:

  • Even weight distribution and proper wheel centering
  • Prevention of vibration, wobble, and dynamic imbalance
  • Consistent and predictable handling
  • Safer performance at high speeds and when cornering

Why hub-centric MG wheel spacers are safe?

Why choose BONOSS hub-centric MG wheel spacers?

When shopping for MG wheel spacers, look for a quality hub-centric design like those offered by BONOSS. Their spacers are CNC machined from aircraft grade forged 6061-T6 and 7075T6 aluminum alloy so they are lightweight yet extremely durable.

BONOSS spacers feature a black anodized finish that is corrosion and scratch resistant. Their precise tolerances and quality manufacturing ensures a perfect fit with the wheel hubs on your MG.

BONOSS stands behind their products with a 10-year warranty. Their excellent customer service team is ready to answer any product questions you may have.

A proper hub-centric design is much safer than lug-centric types. With BONOSS hub-centric spacers engineered specifically for MG vehicles, you can enhance the look and ride of your sports car without compromising safety and handling. Always have a professional install the spacers. With proper installation and maintenance, hub-centric spacers like BONOSS allow MG owners to upgrade their wheels with confidence.