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BONOSS OEM wheel bolts are chosen by many customers because we offer more unique design, colorful and superior performance products, OEM wheel bolts data includes M14x1.25, M14x1.5, M12x1.5, and so on, contact surface includes conical and ball surface, we even subdivided three curvatures in ball surface. Meanwhile, BONOSS OEM wheel bolts are available in various lengths, from the stock wheel bolts length to the extended wheel bolts used with wheel spacers, considering that there are some differences between the design of aftermarket wheel brands and stock wheels, BONOSS OEM wheel bolts can be used with BBS, RAYS, HRE, OZ, WORK, ENKEI and other famous brands of aftermarket wheels.

Take the BMW 6 Series customer below as an example, he chose BBS aftermarket wheels, but he wanted to use them with other OEM wheel bolts, so he placed an order for a set of titanium locking wheel bolts on the official website of BONOSS, what he chose a set of conical, M14x1.25, length of 27mm products, this set of OEM wheel bolts is based on the data of BBS wheels to match, because a large number of aftermarket wheels use conical contact surface, so most customers will fit conical contact surface, if you buy other brands of aftermarket wheels and want to match a different, you can buy in the official website of BONOSS.

OEM Wheel Bolts Recommendations:

Take the BMW 640i as an example, BONOSS provides five OEM wheel bolts for tuning, based on the above-mentioned modified BBS wheels, the following products can be chosen to be installed on BWM 640i, including the Grade 12.9 extended wheel bolts, titanium locking wheel bolts, forged shell type wheel lock & bolt kit (honeycomb style), titanium wheel stud conversion kit, of which honeycomb is new. These five products have their own characteristics, but they all have a common feature OEM wheel bolts adapt to all aftermarket wheels and stock wheels.

Grade 12.9 Extended OEM Wheel Bolts

As an upgrade to the stock wheel bolts, the washer is designed to help the OEM wheel bolts lock the wheels better, effectively eliminating potential loosening, using standard SCM440 alloy steel material with a tensile strength of 1282 MPa, 2,000,000 times stress cycles no damage and the head of the wheel bolts use high strength one-piece forging technology to present the shape of 12 petals, and the OEM wheel bolts have the BONOSS logo and OEM wheel bolts grade printed on the bottom of the OEM wheel bolts, and the outer surface is protected by an electrophoretic anti-rust coating to protect the core, allowing customers to more confidently.

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Forged Shell Type Wheel Lock & Bolt Kit (honeycomb)

Here are actually two products, one is a split OEM wheel bolts, made of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy shell with SCM440 steel alloy wheel bolts, and the other is the latest honeycomb OEM wheel bolts, with a honeycomb design on the shell, you can freely choose the length of the shell, both of these products have the anti-theft function, each wheel is equipped with one anti-theft bolt, which needs to be installed and removed by using BONOSS specific socket.

And in the color and appearance design is more abundant, eight color options can match more types of aftermarket wheels, including red, grey, gold, black, purple, silver, sky blue, deep blue, and mixed colors. The outer shell uses a hard anodized rust-proofing process, while the inner layer retains the rust-proofing of electrophoresis, and the double-layer rust-proofing is more durable.

The above three OEM wheel bolts are steel alloys, all with SCM440 cores and grade 12.9. All OEM wheel bolts are forged to eliminate the cavities, porosity, and shrinkage that can occur with casting, casting OEM wheel bolts lack the tensile, torsional, or compressive strength to stay within the safety factor of their properly manufactured equivalents. All products manufactured by BONOSS come with corresponding quality inspection certificates and are tested by SGS and TUV in Germany. All test certificates are open to customers and can be found on the BONOSS website.

Titanium Locking OEM Wheel Bolts

Titanium alloy material determines the distinctive of this product, whether from mechanical properties, structural strength or rust resistance are better than steel alloy, strength greater than 1110 MPa, lighter weight is its ace in the hole, nitrogen blue color design, and aftermarket wheels are more compatible, while the design of the anti-theft function, can protect your aftermarket wheels, titanium alloy excellent rust resistance plus hard anodized anti-rust coating makes it even more durable than the car, the long warranty time makes customers more at ease, you can not find a reason to refuse it, except for the price.

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Titanium Wheel Stud Conversion

This is also a masterpiece of titanium alloy, turning the traditional structure upside down, allowing you to use lug nuts to fix your aftermarket wheels, easier installation, and removal of aftermarket wheels, which is good news for customers who like to change their aftermarket wheels frequently, people are sick of the tedious wheel bolts installation process. The more imaginative length design allows it to be used with wheel spacers while retaining the ability to be used independently, giving you a sharper style of the vehicle after installation and giving you a sense of tuning culture from the street.

All five of the above products are suitable for BMW 640i and BBS aftermarket wheels, they are also suitable for other models and aftermarket wheels, as long as the correct thread data, contact surface, and length, OEM wheel bolts can fit all aftermarket wheels and stock wheels. Every BONOSS product is covered by a warranty and comes in a box with the BONOSS security mark.