Will Porsche Cayman wheel spacers wear out tires?

Porsche Cayman is a popular sports car that offers excellent performance and handling. Many owners of this car want to enhance its appearance and stability by installing Porsche Cayman wheel spacers. Wheel spacers are devices that fit between the wheel hub and the wheel, creating a gap that pushes the wheel outward. This can improve the car’s stance, reduce body roll, and increase cornering grip. However, some people may wonder if wheel spacers will also wear out the tires faster.

Do Porsche Cayman wheel spacers hurt the tires?

The answer depends. But if you pump quality and appropriate wheel spacers, they will not wear out tires.

  • Choose high-quality wheel spacers that are compatible with your car model, wheel size, bolt pattern, and hub diameter. Avoid cheap or poorly made spacers that may not fit properly or securely, or may cause vibration or damage to your car.
  • Choose appropriate wheel spacers that match your desired performance and appearance goals. Avoid excessively large or thick spacers that may cause too much change in the alignment or load, or may interfere with the wheel well, fender, or brake components.
  • Install wheel spacers correctly and safely, following the manufacturer’s instructions and using the right tools and hardware. Check the torque and clearance of the wheel bolts and nuts regularly, and tighten them if needed. Replace the spacers if they show any signs of wear or damage.
  • Check and maintain the tires regularly, and replace them when needed. Use high-quality tires that are suitable for your car model, wheel size, driving conditions, and performance expectations. Keep the tires properly inflated according to the recommended pressure for your car model, or adjust it slightly according to your preference and driving style. Rotate the tires every 5,000 to 10,000 miles to ensure even wear. Monitor the tire tread depth and wear patterns, and replace the tires when they reach the minimum legal limit or show signs of abnormal wear.

Will Porsche Cayman wheel spacers wear out tires?

Which Porsche Cayman wheel spacers will not wear out tires?

BONOSS Porsche Cayman wheel spacers will not wear out tires faster. They are one of the most high-quality and reliable spacers in the market. They are made of high-strength material. All of these spacers are aircraft grade 7075-T6 or 6061-T6 forged aluminum alloy. They are tough, hard and durable.

The 7075-T6 aluminum alloy has a high degree of corrosion resistance and strength. T6 tempered 7075 has an ultimate tensile strength of 510–540 MPa (74,000–78,000 psi) and a yield strength of at least 430–480 MPa (63,000–69,000 psi). Besides, the equipped wheel bolts and nuts are also high quality. The wheel bolts are ISO grade 12.9, and the wheel nuts are ISO grade 10. They are stable and not prone to bending and breaking.

BONOSS Porsche Cayman wheel spacers are compatible and customized for various models of Porsche. All spacers are CNC-machined based on the accurate data of the wheel hub, you can always get a perfect fitment if mounting BONOSS spacers into the wheel assembly. BONOSS Porsche Cayman wheel spacers are also multi-stage and hub-centric. A hub-centric spacer can keep the balance and fit the hub better, while a lug-centric spacer always leads to mickle issues.

BONOSS Porsche Cayman wheel spacers are over common hub-centric spacers. They are multi-stage which is truly fit for your wheel and wheel hub. A multi-stage hub-centric spacer has chamfers and stages on the ring center to fit the chamfers and stages in the wheel bore and hub bore. If opt for BONOSS Porsche Cayman wheel spacers, you will never regret!