If you’re a Porsche owner looking to customize your ride, wheel spacers may be on your list of modifications. Wheel spacers can provide that perfect fitment you’re looking for by pushing your wheels outward, filling those wheel wells. But some people wonder whether wheel spacers can negatively affect ride quality. Let’s take a closer look at whether Porsche wheel spacers really change how your car drives.

Do Porsche Wheel Spacers Affect Handling or Ride Comfort?

With high performance vehicles like Porsches, owners want to know if modifications will negatively impact that incredible handling and ride quality the cars are known for. The good news is that installing properly fitted, high quality wheel spacers on your Porsche will improve the handling, ride comfort, or performance of your vehicle.

Here’s why Porsche wheel spacers don’t cause issues.

  • As long as the spacer matches your Porsche’s bolt pattern and hub bore, it will position the wheels precisely where they need to be without disrupting alignment. Reputable wheel spacer manufacturers pay close attention to these specifications.
  • High quality spacers are precision balanced to prevent vibrations.
  • Sturdy construction prevents bending, flexing, or cracking. Quality spacers from trusted brands are CNC machined from tough metals and rigorously tested for structural integrity.

Do Porsche Wheel Spacers Affect Ride Quality?

What Size are Porsche Wheel Spacers?

If you decide to install wheel spacers on your Porsche, what size should you choose? Here are a few guidelines for choosing the optimal spacer width:

  • Know your Porsche’s bolt pattern and hub bore – These specs must match the wheel spacers to fit correctly. Most Porsches have a 5×130 bolt pattern.
  • Consider your wheel and tire size – Wider combinations like 19 or 20 inch wheels may need more spacer offset for that perfect flush fit.
  • Choose your desired look – Some only want a subtle poke, while others want the wheels pushed out to the fender’s edge or just beyond.
  • Ensure enough clearance – You can install larger brake calipers with wheel spacers.
  • Follow any regulations – Make sure the overall track width remains legal after spacer installation.

For most Porsches, a moderate 10-15mm spacer provides a nice filled-out stance without looking too aggressive. Always double check for any potential clearance or interference issues before installing. It’s smart to start with a smaller spacer and move up if you want a more pronounced look.

BONOSS Porsche Wheel Spacers

To get that perfect custom Porsche fitment with wheel spacers, you need the right accompanying hardware.

For safe and reliable use of your new Porsche wheel spacers. Porsche wheel spacers allow you to customize your car’s stance and achieve that ideal flush fitment. With high quality hub-centric spacers properly chosen and installed, you can enjoy the enhanced look without negatively impacting handling, ride quality, or mechanics. So go ahead and give your Porsche that perfect fit – spacers get the thumbs up!