Project Description


Awesome beast! Last week, this Ford F150 Raptor installed BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers, front/rear 40mm (1.5 inches), PCD 6×135, CB 87.1. Many off-road vehicle owners use wheel spacers to widen the track width and gain stability while rock crawling. When the offset of wheels is insufficient, wheel spacers would make up the desired offset by pushing the wheels outward from the vehicle hub. Having your wheel brought out the ideal distance also allows for mounting larger brake calipers without scratching. Besides, the hub-centric wheel spacers can make a snug connection between the vehicle hub and wheels. They are specifically made to give your car a better exterior. (Thanks 4×4 Club for providing these pics)

The Ford F150 Raptor is a great powerful styling off-road pickup truck. It’s one of the best off-road pickups you can ever found, and it is a mix of tough, adventuring spirit with luxury and top-class experience. Its muscular power system, smooth-shifting transmission, and a plentiful list of functions furthermore boost this vehicle’s charm. The 5.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine, delivering 400 horsepower and 570 lb-ft of torque, a 10-speed automatic transmission, offering a smooth, sharp control. The steering is firm and precise, body control is brilliant and the handling is anything but pleasant. Easily deal with various off-road situations.

BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers

Are wheel spacers safe on F150 trucks?

The main manufacturing processes of wheel spacers on the market are forging and casting. Even with the same material, wheel spacers behave with different mechanical performances by different processes. Considering the requirements of strength, then casting wheel spacers would not be suitable for off-road rides anymore. Most cheap spacers are made from low-grade aluminum. These low-quality casting spacers are not strong enough and will be deformed and destroyed under intense impacts, leading to disasters. In opposite, forged spacers which are machined from billet aluminum (aircraft grade), are quite stronger and higher performance than their cast alternatives. If you need spacers, we recommend you purchase the highest quality ones available to reduce the risk of failure.

Black Hard Coat Anodizing for Corrosion Resistance

The body of BONOSS wheel spacers applied advanced black hard coat anodizing technology. Hard coat anodizing is a proven very useful electrochemical coating process that provides both predominant corrosion-resistance durability and an excellent exterior. The 6061-T6 Aluminum features good finishing characteristics and responds well to anodizing (including color dye, and hard coat). The process provides the surface with better abrasion resistance, flame resistance and smoother and harder finish protection than regular paint or metal plating. At BONOSS, we choose the best dyeing-Black Hard Anodizing. The black dye not only brings a premium appearance but also tends to be more lightfast. To be lightfast means that the colors will not fade as quickly.

BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers Symmetrical Grooves

Additional Information:

  • BONOSS wheel spacer thickness can be customized flexibly, which is compatible with most vehicles. Thus, if you would like different sizes of wheel spacers, feel free to contact us. This Ford F150 Raptor uses front/rear 40mm (1.5 inches), PCD 6×135, CB 87.1.
  • The matching wheel studs are made of JIS SCM44o high-strength steel, which features many desirable properties such as high strength, wear-resistance, excellent toughness, impact resistance and high-temperature resistance. All BONOSS wheel adapter kits are matching with all necessary hardware components including wheel lug nuts or wheel bolts to suit your vehicle.
  • Each BONOSS product is printed with the logo of “BONOSS”. This offers an easy method to distinguish other fake and inferior products. At the same time, it also provides a way to find our after-sales service. Our products are 10 Years Limited Warranty (new products with 12 months warranty), which is an excellent and cost-effective choice for your car upgrades.

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