Project Description


A better style! Last Monday, this BMW 3 Series G20 330i installed BONOSS Forged Grade 12.9 Wheel Bolts, M14x1.25 together with new OZ 18-inch 5×112 rims (Ball Lug Seat). Custom aftermarket wheels can not only add a personalized style but also enhance the handling performance of your vehicle. Therefore, when changing wheels, you can choose some non-original wheels according to your needs. Although many aftermarket alloy rims are designed to use your car’s stock lug nuts or wheel bolts, there are others that require new hardware. It can be something as central as the differences in the rim’s lug seat type, or something as simple as shorter heads of the lug bolts to fit the wheel’s center caps. (Thanks IG PERFORMANCE for supporting.)

The BMW 3 Series G20 330i is one of the most popular luxury vehicles in the world, complete with compact dimensions, new styling, exquisite interior, comfortable seats, and expanded cabin. It has a potent powertrain, offering a surging acceleration experience. The best bit with any 3 Series is how it drives, and BMW was always not to disappoint here. The steering is firm and precise, body control is brilliant and the handling is anything but joyful.

BONOSS Forged Grade 12.9 Wheel Bolts

How to confirm the seat type of bolts for your new wheels?

There are conical seat, ball seat, flat seat, etc. A 60° Conical Seat is the most common and is found on most aftermarket wheels. But every wheel is different, so please take a check to your new rims. For example, these OZ wheels are designed with a ball lug seat. Typically, for the factory wheels, the seat type of the lug bolts must be the same as the factory wheel bolts. For the aftermarket wheels, the seat type of the lug bolts must be the same as the type of the aftermarket wheels. It is essential that the wheel bolts seat and the wheel lug seat match. Otherwise, the wheel bolts would be bent or damage the wheel.

BONOSS Two-piece Design Wheel Bolts

Two-piece wheel bolts consist of a standard bolt with an extended smooth shank and a ball/conical gasket above the threads. It is the same design as the new Mercedes and Porsche vehicles factory lug bolts. The gasket structure effectively eliminates the bolts loosening and abnormal sound caused by the PCD hole coaxially deviation between the vehicle hub and wheels while driving. Besides, the two-piece design has a strong matching characteristic, suitable for most factory or aftermarket wheels, ensure your vehicle wheels are secure and properly fastened every time they are removed and installed. The gasket applied forged 7075-T6 aluminum alloy material, lightweight and high performance.


Additional Information:

  • BONOSS offers a full line of lug wheel bolts to suit your vehicle wheels including M14x1.5, M14x1.25, M12x1.5, M12x1.25 and M15x1.25, 1/2-20 UNF. Thus, if you would like different sizes of wheel bolts, feel free to contact us. This BMW 3 Series G20 330i uses M14x1.25 thread with ball seat wheel bolts for fitting these new OZ Wheels.
  • BONOSS Forged Grade 12.9 Wheel Bolts are made of JIS SCM44o high-strength steel, which features many desirable properties such as high strength, wear-resistance, excellent toughness, impact resistance and high-temperature resistance. And, if you don’t know the proper length, you are welcomed to contact our tech staff freely.
  • Each BONOSS product is printed with the logo of “BONOSS”. This offers an easy method to distinguish other fake and inferior products. At the same time, it also provides a way to find our after-sales service. Our products are 10 Years Limited Warranty (new products with 12 months warranty), which is an excellent and cost-effective choice for your car upgrades.

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