Project Description

BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers for BMW 7 Series 750i G11 15mm 20mm (3)

Driving more stable! Last Thursday, this BMW 7 Series 750i G11 installed BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers, front 15mm (3/5″), rear 20mm (4/5″), PCD 5×112, CB 66.5 together with BONOSS Forged Grade 12.9 Extended Wheel Bolts. The wheel spacer is sandwiched between the car’s wheel and hub. Installing wheel spacers can create extra clearance to push the wheels outward to correct the wrong offset as well as pass larger calipers for wheel fitment. They are also commonly used for handling improvement and visual enhancement. By spacing the wheels out, it will provide more stability and better corner control to the vehicle. Furthermore, properly filled wheel arches can really make a car look excellent. (Thanks to the owner for supporting.)

This BMW 7 Series 750i G11 is one of the high-rated flagship luxury sedans on the earth. The excellent design, impressive performance, advanced technology features make it to be an outstanding vehicle that is as smooth as it performs, as comfortable as it provides. The BMW 750i is equipped with a 445-hp twin-turbo V-8 engine, providing 480 lb-ft of torque, an eight-speed automatic transmission, offering smooth, sharp shifts. The best bit with the BMW is how it drives, and they are always not to disappoint here. The steering is firm and precise, body control is brilliant and the handling is anything but joyful.

BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers for BMW 7 Series 750i G11 15mm 20mm (4)

Are wheel spacers safe?

Wheel spacers are sandwiched between the assembly hub and wheel. The wheel lugs apply a clamping force to secure the spacer and wheel to the vehicle hub. When the lug nuts are properly tightened, the wheel studs will stretch elastically (like very stiff springs) to keep everything in the right place. The common myth is that wheel spacers wreck the physics of the wheels and wheel hubs. This is actually incorrect because installing a wheel spacer between the hub and wheel will not change these physics. As long as you use high-quality spacers and install them properly to prevent flexing and loss of clamp force, wheel spacers are a very safe mod for your vehicle.

Any time you run wheel spacers, extended wheel bolts are a must option for properly fastening the wheel to the vehicle hub. Without the proper thread length, the stock lug bolts will not allow penetrating the vehicle hub threads completely which can cause car shaking or safety risk.

BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers for BMW 7 Series 750i G11 15mm 20mm (5)
BONOSS Forged Grade 12.9 Extended Wheel Bolts Conical Seat

BONOSS Forged Grade 12.9 Extended Wheel Bolts

Extended wheel bolts (also called longer wheel bolts, extended lug bolts) are designed with longer thread lengths to allow full thread penetration with wheel spacers or wider aftermarket rims of a different offset. High-quality lugs for ensuring safety. BONOSS Extended Wheel Bolts applies JIS SCM440 high strength steel material, which provides extremely high performance. They are ISO Standard Grade 12.9 approved (most OEM studs or bolts are grade 10.9), which showcase good ductility and high-temperature stress resistance, structural stability, wear-resistance, excellent toughness, impact resistance, and more advantages.

Additional Information:

  • BONOSS wheel spacer thickness can be customized flexibly, which is compatible with most vehicles. Thus, if you would like different sizes of wheel spacers, feel free to contact us. This BMW 7 Series 750i G11 uses front 15mm (3/5″), rear 20mm (4/5″), PCD 5×112, CB 66.5.
  • The extended bolts are spacer structure design, which effectively eliminates the bolts loosening and abnormal sound caused by the PCD hole coaxially deviation between hub and shaft head. This BMW 7 Series 750i G11 uses M14x1.25 thread conical seat bolts. If you would like a set of extended bolts, please ensure the seat type of the bolts is suitable for threading tightly. And, if you don’t know the proper length, you are welcomed to contact our tech staff freely.
  • Each BONOSS product is printed with the logo of “BONOSS”. This offers an easy method to distinguish other fake and inferior products. At the same time, it also provides a way to find our after-sales service. Our products are 10 Years Limited Warranty (new products with 12 months warranty), which is an excellent and cost-effective choice for your car upgrades.

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