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The minimum thickness of Active Cooling BLM series wheel spacers designed by BONOSS is 15mm, with the option of customizing the BLM series wheel spacers to a smaller thickness. 2018 Toyota Alphard fits the BLM series wheel spacers based on its construction using lug nuts. One of the customers who chose BONOSS wheel spacers installed 15mm BLM series wheel spacers, so can other Toyota Alphard customers also choose 15mm BLM series wheel spacers?

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We need to understand that the hub assembly structure of the 2018 Toyota Alphard is studded through the hub, and then the threads of lug nuts and studs are used to fasten the wheel, while when installing BLM series wheel spacers, studs through the bolt holes of the wheel spacers are used by the wheel spacers themselves. The lug nuts and the studs are used to fasten the wheel spacers, and the part of the studs will be placed in the pocket of the wheel, and the depth of the pocket can accommodate the length of the studs depending on the thickness of the wheel spacers, in this case, 15mm wheel spacers can be installed. But can smaller thickness wheel spacers be installed? When wheel spacers are installed, the wheel does not fit properly, which means that the wheel pocket cannot accommodate the too-long studs rims and aftermarket rims may have different results, and the above examples are only for the reference of customers using OEM rims

Are Wheel Adapters the Same As Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers and wheel adapters should be distinguished from each other in terms of strict definition. For example, if OEM rims PCD is 5×114.3, the owner wants to replace the PCD 5×120 aftermarket rims, wheel adapters will be able to convert the 5×114.3 data to a 5×120 interface, which is good news for customers who like to modify the wheels.

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Can I Choose 15mm Wheel Spacers for 2018 Toyota Alphard-xu (1)

Secondly, wheel adapters can provide contact surface replacement of lug nuts, take Honda Accord as an example, the contact surface of lug nuts used is ball seat, while most the aftermarket rims are conical contact surface, using wheel adapters can be adapted to different data of aftermarket rims with different data, very convenient. Its added value is also common to wheel spacers, which can adjust the vehicle’s stance and be more aggressive.

Do I Need to Cut Studs for 15mm Spacers?

If possible, choosing thicker wheel spacers will be a better solution, 15mm wheel spacers can not be installed, you can choose 20mm wheel spacers for installation, BONOSS provides personalized thickness customization service, if you need to contact BONOSS customer service staff to provide you with professional advice.

Before you cut, you need to know that the cut studs are permanent. If you need the original length of studs, you may need to buy wheel studs or go to a repair store for a replacement. Cut studs can be done by yourself or go to a professional car repair store for help, BONOSS recommends that it be done by a professional. The following is the DIY process just for reference. First, you need to measure the depth of the wheel pocket to ensure that the cut length can accommodate the wheel studs, then measure the length of the original wheel studs after installing the wheel spacers, the wheel studs minus the length of the wheel pocket is the length that needs to be cut. Finally, remove the wheel spacers and cut them. The recommended cutting tool is an angle grinder or hack. Cut along the threads and clean up the cut.