If you’re looking to customize and improve the stance of your new 2024 Smart Fortwo, installing wheel spacers is a great modification. Wheel spacers allow you to widen the track of your Fortwo, giving it a more aggressive look. In this review, we’ll be taking a close look at the BONOSS wheel spacers for the latest model Fortwo and explaining why they’re one of the best options on the market.

Overview of BONOSS 2024 Fortwo Wheel Spacers

BONOSS is one of the premier manufacturers of wheel spacers and accessories. Their wheel spacers are precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum, making them lightweight yet extremely durable.

For the new 2024 Fortwo, BONOSS offers spacers in 12mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm widths. This wide range of options allows you to customize the exact stance you’re looking for. The anodized black finish gives them an excellent quality look that perfectly matches the Fortwo’s factory wheels.

Benefits of BONOSS 2024 Fortwo Wheel Spacers

There are a number of benefits that make the BONOSS spacers the best choice for customizing the look and handling of your new Smart Fortwo:

  • Improved stance– Adding spacers pushes the wheels outward, giving the Fortwo a wider, more aggressive stance. This improved fitment fills out the wheel wells better.
  • Better handling– Widening the track with wheel spacers improves high-speed stability and cornering grip. The Fortwo will feel more planted taking turns.
  • Better style– You can transform the look without needing to buy aftermarket wheels. The spacers allow you to keep your factory wheels.
  • Hub-centric design– BONOSS spacers use a hub-centric design to ensure the wheels center perfectly on the hubs. This prevents vibrations and wheel wobble.

2024 Smart Fortwo wheel spacers review

Why Choose BONOSS 2024 Fortwo Wheel Spacers?

When compared to other brands of Smart Fortwo wheel spacers, here are some of the key advantages BONOSS offers.

  • Aircraft grade aluminum– The use of lightweight aluminum makes them more durable.
  • Active cooling design- BONOSS Fortwo wheel spacers are the only spacers patented for the active cooling technique, which can cool the wheel and brake hence reducting thermal decay.
  • Anodized finish– The black anodized coating gives superior corrosion resistance and looks great with the Fortwo’s factory wheel finish.
  • Precision manufacturing– Their CNC machining process creates an exact fit with strict quality control standards. This results in a superior wheel spacer.
  • Trusted brand– With over 10 years of experience manufacturing wheel spacers, BONOSS is one of the most trusted brands among enthusiasts.

Installing BONOSS 2024 Fortwo Wheel Spacers

While it’s always best to have a professional install any automotive modifications, installing BONOSS Fortwo wheel spacers is straightforward enough for any driveway mechanic. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Jack up the Fortwo and remove the wheels.
  2. Put the spacers on the hub.
  3. Mount the wheel and secure it with the extended lug bolts at the proper torque spec.
  4. Repeat the process on the remaining wheels and take the Fortwo for a test drive!

The wider track provided by BONOSS wheel spacers gives an immediate improvement in the Fortwo’s stance. And drivers will feel the handling improvements right away, with increased grip and high speed composure. If you’re looking to upgrade your new 2024 Smart Fortwo, BONOSS wheel spacers are a superb and cost-effective way to customize the look and improve performance.