If you own a Subaru BRZ and want to give it a more aggressive stance, installing wheel spacers is a great modification. Wheel spacers push the wheels outward from the hub, effectively increasing the track width of the vehicle. This gives the BRZ a meaner, lower appearance.

But is it safe to use spacers on a BRZ? Absolutely, as long as you get quality spacers and have them installed properly. In this article, we’ll discuss whether BRZ wheel spacers are safe, and why BONOSS makes the best spacers for the BRZ.

Are Wheel Spacers Safe for a Subaru BRZ?

Provided you get spacers designed specifically for your vehicle, from a reputable brand like BONOSS, wheel spacers are completely safe to use on a BRZ. The key is getting the proper fitment.

Wheel spacers are essentially thick hunks of aluminum that bolt between your wheel hub and rim. They space out the wheels from the hub. If you get poor quality, generic spacers, they can be unsafe. The holes may not line up properly with your BRZ’s hub bolts, resulting in inadequate clamping force.

With specifically engineered BRZ spacers like those from BONOSS, you don’t have to worry. Their spacers are CNC machined to precisely fit the BRZ’s hub. The holes and studs align perfectly, allowing full hub contact and proper torque values. As long as you have a reputable shop install them to spec, they will be safe.

BONOSS uses high quality 6061T6 aluminum for their spacers. This aircraft grade aluminum is extremely strong, with tensile strength of about 45,000 PSI. The spacers are also anodized for corrosion resistance. BONOSS spacers will support the weight and handling demands of the BRZ without issue.

Anyone run Subaru BRZ wheel spacers?

Why BONOSS Makes the Best Subaru BRZ Wheel Spacers?

Here are some of the reasons why BONOSS is the top choice for Subaru BRZ wheel spacers:

  • Vehicle Specific Design: As mentioned, BONOSS spacers are specially designed for the BRZ’s hub. No modifications or extra hardware needed.
  • 6061T6 Aluminum Construction: Aircraft grade aluminum provides maximum strength. Far stronger than cheaper cast aluminum.
  • Anodized Surface Treatment: The anodized layer protects against corrosion and damage. Much more durable than powder coated spacers.
  • Perfect Wheel Alignment: With precise design, the wheels stay perfectly aligned when spaced outward. No extra wear on components.
  • Retains Factory Ride Quality: BONOSS spacers retain factory suspension geometry. No harsh ride or extra vibrations.
  • Maintains Safety Systems: Properly installed, BONOSS spacers will not interfere with ABS, traction control, or stability management.
  • No Modifications Needed: Everything bolts up out of the box. No drilling or extra hardware required.
  • Fast and Easy Install: With precision fitment, BONOSS spacers can be installed in under 2 hours in your own garage. No special tools needed.
  • Hub-Centric for All Studs: The hub-centric design centers around the studs, preventing vibration and wheel movement.
  • Complete Kits Available: You can get a complete spacer kit with studs and lugs from BONOSS for easy install.

The quality and engineering of BONOSS spacers makes them the top choice for fitting spacers to your BRZ. You’ll get a perfect fit, with maximum safety. Don’t compromise on cheap spacers. Get wheel spacers designed just for your Subaru BRZ from BONOSS. You’ll achieve that aggressive stance you want, without sacrificing performance or safety. Check out the BONOSS website to find a set of BRZ wheel spacers for your year and model today.