If you own a Subaru WRX, you likely love the look and performance of your car. But over time, you may start to feel like your WRX could use a little customization to make it stand out. One simple yet impactful modification you can make is adding wheel spacers. But do Subaru WRX wheel spacers really make that much of a difference? Let’s take a closer look..

Benefits of Subaru WRX Wheel Spacers

The Subaru WRX is already a very capable performance car right from the factory. But many WRX owners want to extract even more handling and style from their car. Here’s how wheel spacers uniquely benefit the WRX:

  • Stance – The WRX has a rather narrow stance from the factory. Wheel spacers let you widen the stance for a more aggressive look.
  • Wheel Fitment – The stock WRX famously has a sunken wheel fitment inside the wheel wells. Spacers let you achieve a flush, concave, or moderately convex fitment profile.
  • Handling – The WRX’s rally car heritage means owners want to push the handling limits. The reduced body roll from a wider track width allows harder cornering.
  • Brakes – Many WRX owners upgrade their brakes. Spacers provide critical extra airflow and cooling for these bigger brakes.
  • Winter Wheels – Using spacers allows changing between summer performance wheels and winter snow tires without needing a realignment.

As you can see, the characteristics of the WRX make it an ideal candidate for benefiting from wheel spacers. So which wheel spacers are best for the WRX?

Do Subaru WRX Wheel Spacers Make a Difference?

BONOSS Subaru WRX Wheel Spacers

When shopping for Subaru WRX wheel spacers, BONOSS is an excellent brand to look at. Here are some benefits of BONOSS spacers for your WRX:

  • Anodized Black Finish – Matches the factory WRX wheel color and looks slick. Provides corrosion resistance.
  • 7075T6 Aluminum – Extremely lightweight yet strong aircraft grade aluminum. Maintains balance across all 4 wheels.
  • Precise Engineering – CNC machined for perfect hub-centric fit. Correct lug hole spacing to prevent bolts from bottoming out.
  • Complete Hardware – Comes with extended performance lug studs/nuts for a full install. No extra parts to buy.
  • Safe Design – Hub lip prevents spacer movement. Chamfered edges won’t damage wheels. Adds proper clearance.

Thousands of Subaru WRX owners have chosen BONOSS spacers and been thrilled with the transformation their car experienced. The combination of elegance, performance, and safety makes BONOSS the top choice.

In summary, yes – quality wheel spacers like BONOSS absolutely make a difference on the Subaru WRX. A modest spacer gives a perfect flush fitment, reduces body roll, improves brake cooling, and delivers a meaner looking stance. Just be sure to get wheel alignment done after install. Give your WRX the custom look and performance it deserves with Subaru WRX wheel spacers from BONOSS.