What Do Wheel Spacers Do?

Wheel spacers are modified parts placed between hub assembly and wheel, the role is to push the wheel to the outside of the vehicle, providing more space between hub assembly and wheel, wheel spacers as aftermarket parts is a common cost-effective product, commonly used in street racing and off-road vehicles. The most important thing is that wheel spacers do not move the hub assembly, but only the wheel position, which can solve most people’s problems with the vehicle’s stance. As an aftermarket part, wheel spacers are not pre-installed on any car, the thickness of wheel spacers depends on the usage scenario, most street racing cars will choose 15mm-35mm wheel spacers to meet specific modification needs, while off-road cars need a larger thickness of wheel spacers to improve the vehicle’s passing performance.

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Wheel spacers Pros and Cons

Since wheel spacers are sold as an aftermarket part, customers need to know the advantages and disadvantages of wheel spacers and buy the corresponding model of wheel spacers under the right guidance to ensure safety.

Pros of Wheel Spacers

Improve Handling: One of the main benefits of wheel spacers for Tesla customers who are conscious of the driving experience is the improved handling of the Tesla. When Tesla turns, the wheel spacers reduce roll due to the off-center of gravity and make the car more stable by widening the left and right wheel spacing. This improves the overall handling, grip and cornering performance of the vehicle.

Allow for Wider/Bigger Wheels or Tires: Many sports car customers need to modify wider tires to get more friction between the tires and the ground, extra traction, and better handling. Some high horsepower sports cars often need to replace only the rear wheel drive tires, which leads many customers to choose different thickness wheel spacers, some wheel spacers in the rear wheel thickness options tend to be bigger, or only installed in the rear wheel. Vehicles for off-road use often choose to modify tires taller than the stock tires, bigger tires can help the vehicle better through complex roads, without wheel spacers, these wider and larger tires may rub with wheel wells or inner fenders.

High-performance Brake Calipers: High-performance calipers and brake kit modifications tend to have more pistons, a bigger brake contact area, and the overall size of the modification kit is bigger than the stock brake kit, requiring more space. Replacing the wheels is feasible but too costly, wheel spacers can provide additional backspacing space.

Unique Stance/Appearance: Wheel spacers effectively adjust wheel depressions, changing the style of your vehicle. Conservative spacers will allow your wheels to sit flush with the fenders, which many people find attractive. Radical spacers will add a more personal touch to the vehicle, creating a look that stands out from stock vehicles.

Inexpensive: A good set of four wheel spacers costs about $100-$200. Considering the value this price creates for your vehicle, wheel spacers offer a much better value for money. Get every dollar you spend where you need to spend it.

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Cons of Wheel Spacers

Increase Tire Scrub Radius: In theory, wheel spacers increase the wheel track and thus increase the tire scrub radius of the front wheels, which will bring more friction in the steering and may bring a slight change in the handling feeling under the vulgar condition, but with the help of modern car steering power system, these changes are often hard to be noticed.

Influence on Suspension Components: As with negative offset wheels, when you change the distance between the two wheels, leverage will be affected and the effect on the suspension will also be felt, but if you have decided to install wheel spacers, choosing the right thickness of wheel spacers will reduce this effect, and compared to buying negative offset wheels, wheel spacers are undoubtedly the best choice.

Are Wheel Spacers Safe?

Tesla Model Y can use BONOSS BLM series wheel spacers, which are designed to use bolt-on wheel spacers according to the structural characteristics of Tesla’s American cars, these wheel spacers are equivalent to a second hub assembly, with higher strength than the stock studs. The 15mm wheel spacers are designed with a special cone seat, which is more in line with the thickness of wheel spacers, avoiding the friction between wheel spacers and wheels. 20mm or more wheel spacers are designed with full-cone seats to maximize the contact area of the lug nuts, the maximum contact area will ensure that the lug nuts produce sufficient friction and clamping force. BONOSS is equipped with top lug nuts that excel in performance such as limited life range, which is stronger than stock lug nuts.

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BONOSS wheel spacers are made from 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 high-strength aluminum alloy, which is a combination of strength, toughness, and weight, and is approved by SGS, TUV, and other professional organizations for tensile strength, yield strength, and failure elongation. BONOSS produces wheel spacers specially adapted to the Tesla Model series. These wheel spacers are designed and manufactured according to the data measurement of Tesla hub assembly, most importantly, the hub centric on the wheel spacers can match the stock data of the hub assembly, ensuring the wheel spacers and the wheels always maintain a concentric running position and evenly receive feedback from the road.

BONOSS’s entire series of Tesla wheel spacers are designed with a special cooling function. All these kinds of wheel spacers are called Active Cooling wheel spacers. This design increases air circulation and is a patented technology of BONOSS wheel spacers. The air collection ports also facilitate the removal and installation of wheel spacers, which can be easily removed with a screwdriver to avoid damaging the surface of the hub assembly.

Tesla wheel spacers will be installed in the form of a semi-fixed fastening wheel, wheel spacers accessories tighten the clamping force and friction will ensure your safety. Lug nuts produced by BONOSS are the highest grade, the highest safety factor, and each product and accessory are engraved with the BONOSS product logo, you don’t have to worry about malfunctioning or other conditions of the product.

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