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Wheel spacers are often mentioned in tuning culture as parts along with widebody kits and JDM, which literally means “Japanese Domestic Market” and is also known as Japanese-made. JDM literally means “Japanese Domestic Market”, also known as Japanese Domestic Manufacturing, and refers to the domestic market for vehicles and parts produced and sold in Japan. With the intense car modification culture, both the classic local Honda Civic and the German-made Porsche 911 have been displayed in front of people in a better stance. And JDM itself literally does not have a definition, it may be parts or modification style, tend to be stylized modifications can be called JDM.

Why 40mm Wheel Spacers Are Needed for 2023 Toyota 86 Widebody Kit?-xu (4)

About Tuning and Wheel Spacers

Japan has more mountain roads plus the influence of culture for cornering and drifting, car modifications can be divided into hardware configuration upgrades and appearance parts modifications, replacement of tough suspension systems and chassis bearings are expected, fast response throttle and turbocharging is a sought-after modification project. As for the appearance of the wide body, it can not be as simple as hardware to select and then install, it needs more thinking about the style of the car, and can reflect the attitude of people towards aesthetics, from the wide body kit to the lug nuts and lug bolts on the wheels, not necessarily to exaggerate to attract attention, but to coordinate to make people feel comfortable.

Toyota 86 is popular among many JDM fans as a model with great modification potential, and there is no shortage of widebody modification and Hellaflush modification owners in BONOSS cases. This will make the car look wider, and most players who modify widebody will adjust the chassis to get lower ground clearance and lower wind resistance. Make your Toyota 86 look like a “Land Flyer”.

Why 40mm Wheel Spacers Are Needed for 2023 Toyota 86 Widebody Kit?-xu (5)

Why 40mm Wheel Spacers Are Needed for 2023 Toyota 86 Widebody Kit?-xu (6)

What Wheel Spacers Does Toyota 86 Need?

Toyota belongs to a Japanese brand, Japanese car hub assembly belongs to lug nut fixed structure, BONOSS produces BLM series wheel spacers and provides special wheel spacers according to Toyota 86 data, don’t worry about different data, and provide wheel adapters PCD convert service, for those who replace Toyota 86 aftermarket rims. Bolt-on hub-centric wheel spacers are the best choice for Toyota, based on the stud-on construction, BONOSS wheel spacers are fixed by their own lug nuts, and then the OEM lug nuts are used to secure the wheels. The lug bolts for locking the wheels support individual selection, as long as the threads and contact surfaces are the same and a safe number of turns are used for locking.

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Toyota with widebody kit installed needs thicker wheel spacers for installation, if you are not sure how thick the wheel spacers can make the wheels flush with the fenders, you can choose to measure the distance from the wheel to the wide body now by yourself, using a right angle ruler, perpendicular to the outer extension of the wheel and the lower edge of the fender, which is simple measurement method, then go online and choose the corresponding thickness and data to purchase, additional requirements can be contacted with our after-sales staff for a note. In our customer feedback, the 40mm wheel spacers make the wheel flush with the fender to get an exciting look and look very aggressive.

Why 40mm Wheel Spacers Are Needed for 2023 Toyota 86 Widebody Kit?-xu (1)

Why 40mm Wheel Spacers Are Needed for 2023 Toyota 86 Widebody Kit?-xu (7)

Are Hubcentric Wheel Spacers Safe?

The hub-centric wheel spacers are recognized as the safest product in the category of wheel spacers. The hub-centric as the contact surface of the wheel and hub assembly structure requires high precision, lack of contact surface or less contact area will lead to wheel vibration, this vibration will limit the high speed of the vehicle and also threaten the driving safety. The 0.02mm CNC machining process recommended by BONOSS is based on actual vehicle measurements and uses a multi-stage hub-centric design to restore the contact area between the wheel and hub assembly, eliminating the possibility of vibration caused by the installation of wheel spacers on some vehicles.