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Do Toyota Harrier wheel spacers rust? Metal parts may rust to varying degrees after a long period of use. These rusts come from water and oxygen in the air, especially if the vehicle is often driven in wet areas. When metal rusts, an oxide layer will be generated on the surface. If the metal is not descaled, the metal will continue to react with oxygen and water, and the rusted part will become more and more, affecting the work of the parts.

BONOSS Toyota Harrier wheel spacers use aluminum alloy material, rust is a slow oxidation process, most of the metal will rust, the alloy by adding different metals to enhance anti-corrosion performance, aluminum alloy in the oxidation process will generate a layer of dense aluminum oxide protective film on the surface to prevent the internal metal continue to react with oxygen, Toyota Harrier wheel spacers surface will also naturally generate oxide film to protect themselves, but the oxide film alone can not protect the car parts.

Toyota Harrier Wheel Spacers Hard Anodized

Wheel spacers, including Toyota Harrier wheel spacers, are hard anodized on the surface. Hard anodized has the benefit of improving various properties of aluminum and aluminum alloys, including corrosion resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, insulation, and adsorption. The Toyota Harrier wheel spacers are installed between the hub assembly and the wheels, which are in direct contact with water and other liquids from the road during the vehicle’s driving process. Hard anodized can well isolate these liquids and protect the Toyota Harrier wheel spacers from erosion.

How to Protect 2022 Toyota Harrier Wheel Spacers from Rusting?-xu (4)

How to Protect 2022 Toyota Harrier Wheel Spacers from Rusting?-xu (3)

After hard anodized, the surface of Toyota Harrier wheel spacers appears black and the rustproof layer does not fall off easily, but please do not use sharp objects to destroy the rustproof layer, as the destruction of the rustproof layer may cause the inner metal to be exposed to air. Many Toyota Harrier wheel spacers on the market have a bright aluminum color. These products may not be treated with rust prevention, which may cause rust stains on the surface after prolonged use and affect the service life of the Toyota Harrier wheel spacers.

Toyota Harrier Wheel Spacers Parts

Toyota Harrier wheel spacers parts including wheel studs and lug nuts, BONOSS also treats these parts to prevent rust. By far, the Dacromet-coating lug nuts are considered to be one of the best corrosion-resistance nuts. This type of coating gives salt spray resistances exceeding 500 hours, which makes it ideal for fasteners in the automobile industry. Most importantly, Dacromet coating does not induce Hydrogen Embrittlement, which means that high-tensile components like wheel bolts and lug nuts can be safely coated.

However, Toyota Harrier wheel spacers will be prevented from rusting by good design.


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