Yes, factory wheel spacers affect car performance positively. They are installed between the vehicle hubs and wheels, moving the wheels farther away from the suspension. This enlarges the track width. As the track width increase, your car performance tends to get more stable and handling usually improves too. The tires’ lateral grip also improves. Therefore, you can feel more comfortable when cornering.

On the other hand, getting factory wheel spacers installed means improvement in car rollover resistance. The wider track gets the tires set further apart on the ground, enhancing the gripping power, and all four wheels gain better traction. This is effective especially when you are driving in unfavored conditions. Investing in a set of quality factory wheel spacers makes the drive safe and enjoyable.

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Are Factory Wheel Spacers Better?

Factory wheel spacers are made by brand manufacturers and match the exact specifications of the given vehicle. Not only will these wheel spacers fit your car perfectly, but they also provide a better performance and make your ride safer. Due to the fact that factory wheel spacers are specifically designed for a certain vehicle model, they are considered to be a safer option.

While some aftermarket wheel spacers are mass produced with low-quality material and fewer safety regulations. Using such cheap spacers can cause issues with fitment and compatibility as well as damage to your vehicle. As an old saying goes: you get what you pay for. Factory wheel spacers offer better performance and the future savings on routine maintenance are much lower than those aftermarket alternatives.

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What Factory Wheel Spacers Perform Better?

Typically, factory wheel spacers are made of aluminum alloys. But even if the material is the same, different manufacturing process provides different mechanical performance. Forged wheel spacers are often more durable. They are significantly stronger and tougher than casting aftermarket spacers. In the forging process, tons of continuous stress makes the internal structure more compact, adding strength to combat everyday wear and tear. These spacers are more aesthetically pleasing and generally perform better.

Simply put, when facing bump and impact loads, higher tensile strength can bear greater forces without breaking. BONOSS forged wheel spacers perform better: the tensile strength is up to 572 Mpa, and yield strength is up to 503Mpa (AL7075-T6). Unfortunately, the tensile strength of the cheap casting alternatives is approximately 125Mpa below. The quality is always a huge deal when it comes to the components you add to your car. Getting a set of quality factory wheel spacers can improve the quality of your own driving experience.

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