If you own a Mini Cooper, you may have heard about using spacers for the wheels. But what exactly are wheel spacers and why would you need them on a Mini Cooper? Let’s take a closer look.

Why Use Spacers on a Mini Cooper?

There are a few key reasons Mini Cooper owners install wheel spacers.

  • Improve stance – One of the most popular reasons is for aesthetics. Adding spacers pushes the wheels outward for a more aggressive, sporty look. This wider “stance” is popular among Mini Cooper enthusiasts.
  • Prevent wheel rub – Lowering your Mini Cooper or installing larger wheels can sometimes cause the tires to rub against suspension components during hard cornering. Spacers help create extra clearance.
  • Improve handling – Widening the track width improves handling and cornering by reducing body roll. A wider stance also improves high-speed stability.
  • Allow larger brakes – Brake upgrades often won’t fit within the stock small wheel setup. Spacers allow fitting larger brake kits inside the wheels.

What Size Mini Cooper Spacers Should You Get?

Mini Cooper wheel sizes range from 15″ to 18″ depending on your model and year. Most owners choose spacer thicknesses of 15-25mm for street driving. Here are some typical spacer sizes:

  • 15mm – A subtle change that begins to widen the stance. Great for stock height Mini Coopers.
  • 20mm – A moderate spacer size that works well with lowered Mini Coopers. Provides excellent handling benefits.
  • 25mm – This aggressive stance is popular for shows and meets.

When choosing your spacer thickness, make sure to consider rubbing, fender clearance. Thicker is not always better for performance. Work with an experienced spacer manufacturer to pick the right size.

What are spacers on a Mini Cooper?

Why BONOSS Spacers Are the Best?

With so many spacer brands available, why should you choose BONOSS for your Mini Cooper? Here are the key benefits BONOSS spacers provide.

  • Precise Fitment – BONOSS spacers are CNC machined for perfect fitment with no vibrations. Models are available specifically for R50, R53, R56, F56 Mini Coopers.
  • High Quality Materials – Constructed from durable 6061T6 and 7075T6 aluminum billet.
  • Anodized Coating – Anodizing protects against corrosion and creates a black finish that looks great behind the wheels.
  • 10-Year Warranty – BONOSS provides a 10-year warranty for added peace of mind. Their quality controls ensure you won’t need it!

Installing spacers is an easy, affordable way to customize the look and performance of your Mini Cooper. If you’re looking for a wider stance, improved handling, or more brake clearance, quality wheel spacers like BONOSS are a great option. Just make sure to get the proper fitment and size for your particular Mini Cooper model and wheels. With the right spacers in place, you’ll be enjoying the improved appearance and driving dynamics of your Mini in no time.