Want to get high value at low cost? Want to focus on core technologies without leaving other auto components? Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) engages in saving time and budget for the company’s end product. If you’re looking for OEMs to custom hub-centric wheel spacers for your company, the service is available in BONOSS. What we’re pursuing are effect, quality, and profession. In this article let’s have a direct view of what makes our products special?

High-quality Material Used In OEM Wheel Spacers

High quality with areasonable price is the biggest advantage you can pick BONOSS. Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 are materials used in BONOSS OEM wheel spacers, which have better performance in the hardness, ultimate yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, fatigue strength, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance than steel alloy. All the products have passed SGS and TUV tests. Besides the material, the production process also determines the final quality of products. Compared with casting, forging can produce wheel spacers with higher purity, and the precision of forged wheel spacers of BONOSS reaches 0.01mm. The matching bolts have passed the SGS 2 million fatigue resistance tests, and the test standard is ISO3800. OEM whee spacers we provide can satisfy your need of various sizes and thicknesses.

The Patented “Active Cooling” Technology Makes OEM Wheel Spacers Perform Better

BONOSS’s Active Cooling technology is the world’s first patent, which will help OEM wheel spacers better dissipate the heat. The petal-shaped cooling grooves follow aerodynamics, and the unique arc-shaped grooves benefit the flow of air so that improve the efficiency of heat dissipation. The radiating groove on OEM wheel spacers uses a sealed design to avoid that rainwater and debris enter the shaft head. Moreover, the “knurling” design also increases the contact surface with the air, so that it can improve the efficiency of heat dissipation. This technology helps enhance the performance of vehicles because the excessive temperature will reduce the braking force of the brake discs and the grip of the tires, and also shortens the life of the OEM wheel spacers.

Accurate Measurement and Professional Service On OEM Wheel Spacers

To offer a perfect and personalized experience to customers who look for OEM, BONOSS insists on actual measurement of various accurate data, refuses to use either “conventional ready-made data” or the conservative design ideas of “large clearance, large margin, large tolerance accuracy”, and insists on “Perfect match of dimensional accuracy“. High-precision stepped design aims to ensure perfect size matching and wheel balance to prevent pulling. High accuracy means high safety. You can feel free about the safety of OEM wheel spacers. What’s more, BONOSS also offers professional after-sale service on OEM wheel spacers. If a retail store or the customer meets any problem on the installation and something else, just contact us and we will solve the problem immediately. By the way, all products have 10 years warranty. The quality of products is assured within the warranty period. Review BONOSS OEM forged active cooling wheel spacers now.

BONOSS OEM forged active cooling wheel spacers