Cannot judge which type of wheel spacer is safe? Don’t know the difference between hub-centric spacers and lug-centric ones? This article helps you get more understanding about these topics.

The Purpose of Wheel Spacers

The wheel spacers are placed between the wheel and the axle assembly of your vehicle to create needed clearance between two parts. By pushing your wheel further out, your vehicle can get a flush stance, as well as remedy the rubbing problems caused by aftermarket components, to enhance the handling and stability on-road and off. The wheel spacer is a cost-effective and convenient choice for vehicle owners.

The Safety of Wheel Spacers

Every component fitted on your vehicle must be proved safe. Wheel spacers’ safety depends on their quality and types. Materials used must have high yield strength, tensile strength, fatigue strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Aerospace aluminum 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 are high-performance materials BONOSS use all the time to ensure the toughness and durability of products. Another factor related to safety is the type. Hub-centric adapters are definitely safer than lug-centric ones. So what hub-centric wheel spacers exactly are? Read on!

What is Hub-centric Wheel Spacer?

Hub-centric wheel spacers mean the center bore of spacers fits perfectly with the axle diameter, which can significantly reduce the potential vibration issues. This type of adapter equals generating a new hub on your monitor plate because the stress is transfer to the hub through the hub-centric design. On the contrary, lug-centric spacers center the lugs. The vibration will becaused by the clearance between lugs and the spacers, and more serious is that all the stress of vehicle goes to studs. The giant stress will make the studs broken. So make sure the spacers you purchase are hub-centric. The upgraded design on the basis of hub-centric by BONOSS is the high-precision stepped design with a fully conical hole seat. The design has higher precision and tightness to improve safety.

Where Does BONOSS Distinguish?

If you’re hesitating about which brand to buy from, you could mark BONOSS into your list. There are several points we perform better. The first is the material and crafts. Aerospace aluminum 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 are standard. And unlike the rough casting process, we select the forging process to get more pure and precise wheel spacers. The second is the patented technology we have-Active Cooling. Petal-attributed grooves and knurling craft around the cylinder are designed to accelerate heat dissipation, which is also vital for auto safety. The third is corrosion-resistance performance. All the wheel spacers and matching bolts have passed the 192H neutral salt test, and the surface of spacers is black hard anodized. All above is to extend the life of products and ensure your safety.

A Real Installation Case on BMW X6

Show one of BONOSS installations to see how professional we are. If you have upgraded your brake kit, suspension, wheel, body kit, or something else, the public data is definitely useless. We will offer professional analysis, measurement, and calculation to give the perfect size you want. In the near future, BMW X8 will join BMW’s fastback crossover lineup. A coupe version worth waiting. For enthusiasts with BMW X8, we’re also prepared for your consultation. Browse the BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers.