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BONOSS provides BMW 6 wheel bolts, wheel bolts are used by many car brands as the main wheel fixing accessory for European cars, these brands include BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, etc., while Japanese and American car brands use lug nuts for wheel fixing. Many people envy the Japanese tuning culture, where just one lug nut can be found in many styles in the Japanese aftermarket, and these tuning styles offer many styles for cars.

What Size Are BMW 6 Wheel Bolts?

The BMW 6 wheel bolts with chassis designations F06, F12, and F13 use M14x1.25, conical surface. BONOSS has launched a number of new products to fit the BMW 6 data, including Titanium Wheel Stud Conversion, Extended Wheel Bolts, Grade 12.9 Shell Type Wheel Lock & Bolt kit, and Titanium Locking Wheel Bolts, each of which is available in a variety of colors for customers to choose from. Due to the special M14x1.25 data used in BMW 6 wheel bolts, BONOSS uses a one-piece forged design for most of the wheel bolts of this data.

Many customers are tired of the boring stock settings and try to find different BMW 6 wheel bolts in unique styles, more diverse colors, and better materials. BMW aftermarket parts do have many options, but most BMW 6 wheel bolts are designed to replace stock wheel bolts, not to modify them. BONOSS offers a wide range of tuned BMW 6 wheel bolts for customers with tuning needs.

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BMW 6 Wheel Bolts Recommendation:

Titanium Locking BMW 6 Wheel Bolts: Performance, due to the use of forged titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V, the material strength is greater than 1110MPa, titanium alloy material, and pure titanium material, titanium alloy fusion of a variety of metals after the strength is greater, in terms of structural performance than part of the alloy steel, mechanical performance is more superior, a long time of fatigue test has excellent performance, more than the stock bolt performance to ensure your safety. Weight, the advantages of titanium alloy than the steel alloy more prominent. In terms of weight, the advantages of titanium are more prominent than steel alloy, which is lighter in weight and to some extent reduces BMW’s under-spring weight, reducing the power wasted in the wheel rolling and making the vehicle lighter to drive.

Since BMW 6 wheel bolts as a key component need to withstand high shear force, weight, and periodic wear, while the material hardness requirement is high at the same time and needs good tensile strength and yield strength, these two data are actually to study the wheel bolts in extreme external force material resistance to damage and the upper limit of elasticity. Good toughness means less prone to brittle fracture. The advantages of titanium alloy’s good toughness and high strength make it an ideal raw material for BMW 6 wheel bolts.

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Titanium Locking BMW 6 wheel bolts have the advantage of corrosion and high-temperature resistance. We know that the position of wheel bolts will actually be subject to the dual challenge of high temperature and high pressure during the driving process, ordinary steel alloy is actually not bad for high-temperature performance, second only to titanium alloy, brake kits and other parts of the work of the temperature brought about by the metal thermal conductivity may lead to deformation and a series of effects. The advantages of titanium alloy high-temperature resistance are not only reflected in BMW 6 wheel bolts, in fact, in the early application of titanium alloy is reflected in rocket and aircraft engines are applied to the titanium alloy material.