If you own a Land Rover, you likely know how important it is to keep your wheels securely fastened with the proper wheel nuts. But with different models and years requiring different size wheel nuts, it can be confusing to know exactly what size you need when shopping for replacements or assembling a toolkit. In this article, we’ll break down the most common Land Rover wheel nut sizes and torque specs so you can make sure your wheels stay on safely.

The most common wheel nut sizes for Land Rover models is:

  • M14 x 1.5 – This size fits most newer Land Rover models like the Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Velar, and Discovery Sport. The wheel nuts have a 14mm diameter and 1.5mm thread pitch.

To determine what size wheel nuts your particular Land Rover uses, check the owner’s manual or on the inside of the wheels themselves. The size should be stamped into the aluminum. You can also bring one wheel nut to your local auto parts store where they can identify the thread size for you.

Socket Size for Removing Land Rover Wheel Nuts

So now that you know the thread size, what size socket do you need to actually remove and install the wheel nuts? Here’s a quick guide:

  • M14 x 1.5 wheel nuts – use a 19mm socket

It’s important to use a six-point socket designed for automotive use, not a twelve-point socket which is more likely to round off the nuts. The socket should fit snugly over the wheel nuts without too much play. When installing the nuts, tighten them gradually in a star pattern until they are just snug initially.

Proper Torque Specs for Land Rover Wheel Nuts

Simply finger tightening the wheel nuts is never acceptable. All wheel nuts must be torqued down to the automaker’s factory torque specifications using a calibrated torque wrench. This ensures the wheel nuts are tight enough to secure the wheel, but not so tight as to damage the threads.

Here are the recommended torque specs for Land Rover wheel nuts:

  • M14 x 1.5 wheel nuts – 103 lb-ft (140 Nm)

Always torque the nuts in multiple passes using a cross or star pattern. Double check with a torque wrench after any wheel change to be sure none have loosened up. It’s also wise to re-torque after the first 50-100 miles.

What size are Land Rover wheel nuts?

Which Aftermarket Wheel Nuts Are Best for Land Rovers?

When it comes time to buy replacement wheel nuts for your Land Rover, we highly recommend choosing an aftermarket set from a quality manufacturer like BONOSS. Here’s why BONOSS Land Rover wheel nuts are the best choice.

  • Precisely machined – BONOSS nuts are machined from aircraft-grade steel for perfect fitment and maximum strength. No rounded edges or sloppy tolerances here.
  • Proper strength – The high-alloy steel and heat treatment gives BONOSS nuts greater tensile strength. You get peace of mind knowing they won’t snap.
  • Correct size – BONOSS offers direct replacement nuts in all common Land Rover sizes like M14x1.5, taking the guesswork out.
  • Anti-corrosion coating – A black coating protects the nuts from rust and seizing up during harsh winter weather.

So if you’re looking for replacement wheel nuts for your Land Rover that are strong, long-lasting, and affordably priced, we recommend choosing the aftermarket experts at BONOSS. Their nuts meet or exceed OEM quality while saving you money. Just be sure to torque them properly and your wheels will stay secured for many miles of trouble-free driving.