There are four common entry-level modification parts to a car: wheels, shock absorbers, brake calipers, and exhaust systems. One of the simplest and most efficient modification is to replace a set of new wheels. How to choose new wheels? What if the wheels are not fit my car?  Here we go:BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers Wheel Adapters

Will wheel size affect the performance of a car?

Exactly yes. Wheel size not only affects the power performance of the car but also affects the noise level, comfort level and fuel economy. Therefore, when changing wheels, you can choose some non-original wheels according to your needs.

Larger-size wheels can enhance steering experience and high-speed performance. Increasing wheel diameter generally means wider tire width as well, making the contact patch between tires and road larger, thus boosting grip. As the grip increased, body control tends to get sharper and handling usually improves too. But the rolling resistance is also incremented at the same time, leading to a negative effect on fuel economy and acceleration. The shorter sidewall also provides less cushion, giving the car a harsher ride.Lexus-IS-BONOSS-Forged-10.9-Grade-One-piece-Titanium-Bolts-Heptagon-Anti-theft--2 Smaller-size wheels are typically lighter in weight, which provide better acceleration and a quieter, more comfortable ride. Due to less inertia, they do not bounce too much when they hit a bump, hence improving stability when driving over potholes and rough road surfaces. Due to less engine energy absorbed by small wheels, they tend to save fuel. However, when it comes to the corner, small wheels mean more drastic adjustments during cornering, which results in tighter steering.BONOSS-Forged-Titanium-Wheel-Bolts-for-Audi-S4-4 But it all depends on the power of your car and the brand and type of rims and tires you mounted on the car. It is not recommended that you increase or decrease the wheel size by more than one inch as the suspension and springs have been properly tuned by the car manufacturers according to the original wheel/tire setup. For example, if your car is presently running 18-inch wheels, you can minimize the dimension to 17 inches or upsize to 19 inches. Also, be aware that how wheel size affects the aesthetics of your car. Properly filled the arches can really make a car look excellent.

What if the bolt pattern does not fit my car? BONOSS-Forged-Active-Cooling-Wheel-Spacers

Then you can consider wheel adapters. Wheel adapters have all the functions of spacers. Apart from adding the clearance between wheels and vehicle hub, they can change the bolt pattern. One of the common uses for wheel adapters is PCD conversion such as 5×130 to 5×112, 6×139.7 to 5×127, 5×120 to 5×114.3.

What if the center bore does not fit my car?

Another application of wheel adapters is CB conversion. For example, BMW G20 uses F30 wheels. The center diameter of the BMW G20 is 66.6mm. By installing a wheel adapter on the G20 which has a 66.6mm hub-centric ring on the hub side and the wheel mounting side of the adapter will have a 72.5mm hub-centric ring on it. This allows F30 wheels to be mounted on the G20.

The purpose of car modification is to improve performance while ensuring safety. Don’t risk using any cheap and lower-quality counterfeit products when mounting your new wheels. Because high-quality products are lighter weight, better strength, better rigidity, durability and corrosion resistance, which all bring safety to travel. Hope this article can help you know which parts suit your car. Every vehicle is different, so please make sure which is suitable for your modifications. And, if you meet any problem with the selection, we have a support team that consists of professionals ready to help.