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The wheel bolts on a Porsche 718 should be replaced if they show any signs of damage or wear or have been overtightened or under-tightened. It’s important to ensure the wheel bolts are in good condition and tightened to the correct torque specification to ensure the vehicle’s safe operation.

If you notice any signs of damage or wear on the Porsche 718 wheel bolts, such as cracking, bending, or stripping, they should be replaced immediately. Similarly, if the wheel bolts have been overtightened or under-tightened, they may need to be replaced to maintain proper torque values.

It’s also a good idea to replace the Porsche 718 wheel bolts if you are installing new wheels or tires, as the threads on the bolts can wear down over time and may not provide the necessary grip and security for the new wheels. When replacing the new rims, you must pay attention to whether the bolt seats of the aftermarket rims are the same as the stock wheel bolts. The wrong seat may cause the bolts to fail to lock and damage the wheel. Aftermarket wheel bolts are available in tapered and ball seats in various curves.

In general, it’s recommended to inspect the Porsche 718 wheel bolts regularly as part of routine maintenance and to replace them as necessary based on the condition and usage of the vehicle. Consult the owner’s manual or a qualified mechanic for specific recommendations for your Porsche 718.

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How to Get Your New Porsche 718 Wheel Bolts?

BONOSS offers Porsche 718 customers high-performance 12.9 grade forged steel alloy wheel bolts made from forged billets and has a tighter internal structure under high pressure, eliminating the possibility of air pockets created by casting techniques. The 12.9 grade can reach an ultimate tensile strength of 1282MPa under harsh testing by SGS and TUV, stronger than the original 10.9-grade wheel bolts.

At present, BONOSS not only provides 12.9 grade Porsche 718 wheel bolts for customers, but BONOSS has also designed special shell protection core bolts to meet the individual needs of some customers, and the multi-color options allow customers better to match the color of the wheel and the vehicle. The 7075-T6 forged aluminum alloy housing is hard anodized to prevent rust and protects the inner bolt well.

Anything Need to Pay Attention to Before Install Porsche 718 Wheel Bolts?

Clean the Porsche 718 wheel bolt holes and threads. Before installing new wheel bolts, clean the bolt holes and threads to remove any dirt, debris, or rust that could affect the fitment or torque values. Replace all Porsche 718 wheel bolts. When replacing the wheel bolts, it’s recommended to replace all of them at once rather than mixing new and old bolts. This ensures consistent torque values and reduces the risk of uneven stress on the wheels.

Check the Porsche 718 wheel bolts after driving. After driving for a short distance, it’s a good idea to check the wheel bolts’ torque values again to ensure they haven’t loosened. This is especially important if you recently replaced the bolts or had the wheels removed for any reason.

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