The BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus 2024 Aston Martin DB12 wheel spacers are meticulously crafted to meet specific requirements. These spacers are made from high-quality AL6061-T6 and AL7075-T6 aluminum alloys, renowned for their exceptional strength and lightweight properties. Among them, the AL7075-T6 alloy is recommended for its high-performance characteristics.

Although the 2024 Aston Martin DB12 has not been officially released, based on information from various automotive sources, it is expected to be an updated version of the 2016 DB11, suggesting it may share the same chassis structure. In this case, the wheel spacers designed for the Aston Martin DB11 will seamlessly fit the wheel configuration of the DB12.

These spacers feature a precision-machined design, with a PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) of 5×128 and a center bore (CB) size of 75.1 millimeters. This ensures perfect compatibility with the vehicle’s hub-centric design, with the wheels centered around the hub for optimal stability and performance.

By adding these wheel spacers, the Aston Martin DB12 will achieve improved stability and enhanced driving performance and benefit from the exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality materials used in the BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus wheel spacers. The precision engineering of these spacers ensures a seamless fit and enhances the vehicle’s overall aesthetics. Although the DB12 is based on the DB11, these wheel spacers will be specifically designed to cater to the unique characteristics and requirements of the DB12 model.

What Size Are Wheel Spacers on 2024 Aston Martin DB12?

bonoss forged lightweight plus wheel spacers 5x120 72.5 10mm (4)by lulu

2024 Aston Martin DB12 Wheel Spacers Spec:

Pitch Circle Diameter(PCD): It is a crucial specification for wheel spacers. For the 2024 Aston Martin DB12, the BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus wheel spacers have a PCD of 5×128. The spacer data is based on known information about the DB12 and will be reconfirmed upon the vehicle’s release. The bolt-hole bases of the wheel spacers are precisely machined to accommodate a wheel configuration with five bolt holes evenly distributed around a circle with a diameter of 128 millimeters, ensuring proper fitment and secure attachment.

Center Bore(CB): The Center Bore is another important specification when selecting the 2024 Aston Martin DB12 wheel spacers. The BONOSS spacers have a center bore of 75.1 millimeters, specifically designed to match the hub size of the Aston Martin DB12. Ensuring a hub-centric fit is crucial as it allows the wheel spacer to be centered around the hub, ensuring proper alignment and reducing the risk of vibrations or imbalance. A hub-centric fit ensures the vehicle’s weight is properly distributed across the wheel.

Offset (ET): The Offset of the 2024 Aston Martin wheel spacers refers to the distance between the wheel’s mounting surface and the wheel’s centerline. The BONOSS Forged Lightweight Plus wheel spacers for the DB12 are specifically designed to correct the vehicle’s original offset. This helps the wheels align properly within the wheel well and the fenders, commonly seen when installing larger brake calipers. Selecting spacers with the correct offset is crucial to avoid interference with suspension components and ensure safe operation.

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