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The emergence and use of wheel spacers are not only for off-road purposes. It also applies to sedans and all vehicles that pass on the city roads. Sedan in the city road driving is most often encountered in a variety of corners, the car needs to pass through the corner at low speed, which is the safest practice, of course, at a reasonable speed, many car owners will still lightly press the gas pedal through, which is the charm of driving a car. In professional events, racers need to sprint faster to rank.

They will undoubtedly go straight to the end of the throttle, and in the corner, due to the center of gravity problem, high-speed through may lead to slipping or rollover can only reduce the speed through, and often the corner is a good time to overtake. In the case of the inability to change the track, a variety of modifications to the car will be born, including changing the camber, changing the performance of better tires, lowering the ground clearance until the car is almost close to the ground, installing wheel spacers to get a wider track is a very common practice.

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Wheel spacers emerged from various car races, and gradually, under the condition of ensuring safety, more and more civilian cars also appeared as wheel spacers. With the installation of wheel spacers, one can better feel the fun of car driving. Of course, driving fun is not only stepping on the gas to the end but also ensuring safe driving. BONOSS wheel spacers are available for all types of cars, wheels spacers are suitable for all kinds of European, American, Japanese, and other general models. Each car has a special wheel spacer, whether from PCD, CB, or a special hub-centric structure, by choosing the right wheel spacers installed in Mercedes-Benz CLS300 provides the customer with a better driving experience.

How Wheel Spacers Affect Mercedes-Benz CLS300?

Wheel spacers are installed between the hub and the rim of the Mercedes-Benz CLS300 to increase the backspacing and thus the negative offset (depending on the rim), which simply means that the wheel hub is pushed outward until it is flush with the fender. Wheel spacers also effectively reduce the possibility of vehicle rollover, as sharp turns made at high vehicle speeds can cause a change in vehicle center, and the vehicle may roll over. Sharp turns or avoiding obstacles is a common traffic situation on urban roads.

Wheel spacers also help to improve the appearance of the car. Some customers may be very distressed by the concave rim, by installing wheel spacers to push the rim outward to the ideal position (usually flush with the fender) will greatly improve the appearance of the car. The thickness of the wheel spacers is optional, customers can choose a conservative figure, but BONOSS is not recommended to choose too thick wheel spacers for cars. The reason is that the wheels protruding from the fender will probably cause mud or sewage to splash on the car during driving, or worse, the wheels will press on the shoulder of the road and damage the appearance of the wheels.

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How Wheel Spacers Affect Mercedes-Benz CLS 300-xu (6)

Will Wheel Spacers Affect Wheel Bearings?

The installation of wheel spacers does not have a huge impact on the wheel bearings, BONOSS proprietary Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers have been upgraded in weight, based on ensuring the original structural strength, each wheel spacers than the previous generation of products on average reduced 20% of the weight of the wheel spacers, and does not burden the wheel bearing. The weight of wheel bearing is within a reasonable range, and most cars choose wheel spacers thickness is in the range of 5mm-20mm. This range of wheel spacer’s weight is acceptable.

How Wheel Spacers Affect Mercedes-Benz CLS 300-xu (1)