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Mercedes-Benz S400 belongs to the executive model of the Mercedes-Benz series, which pursues driving and riding comfort, the role of wheel spacers is to widen the track, thus helping Mercedes-Benz S400 to get a better driving feeling and riding experience. It is not uncommon to see wheel spacers in the Mercedes-Benz series, most of which are concentrated in the C-class and AMG series, because the history of the use of wheel spacers can be traced back to the fact that wheel spacers were first used in motorsports. It is not uncommon for executive cars to have a wider track when cornering to help the vehicle gain stability in the center and reduce the angle of the vehicle roll.

Are Wheel Spacers A Good Idea for Mercedes-Benz S400?

Purely in terms of getting a better driving experience, yes, it is a good idea. The S350d/S350d/S400d/S450/S500/S580 models under the W223 chassis code will be Mercedes-Benz’s characteristics fully embodied, and the gorgeous interior also shows that Mercedes-Benz’s main market consumer groups have a preference for comfort. For cornering speed even if it is slowed down there will still be a deviation in the center of gravity, reduce the variation to make the ride more comfortable in a variety of ways, wheel spacers are one of them, installed in the hub and wheel in the middle of the gap will increase the distance between the two front wheels and the distance between the two rear wheels respectively (front and rear are installed wheel spacers case). The specific driving experience will depend on the thickness of the wheel spacers and the particular model of the vehicle. In any case, for the S400, the installation of wheel spacers can really improve the handling and stability of the car.

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The removability of wheel spacers provides consumers with more options. As a non-fixed product, wheel spacers can be installed or removed according to consumer preference, including the choice of whether to install on the front or rear wheels, the thickness of the installation, and the removal after use (except for unsafe installation). These features as wheel spacers are able to achieve, BONOSS produced wheel spacers in a long time, high-intensity equipment testing is reflected in the superior performance, do not have to worry about the safety problems caused by the installation or disassembly, if you have questions about the installation of wheel spacers, welcome to consult our after-sales staff for professional guidance to provide, please make sure that the installation is carried out under the correct guidance or ask professional staff to carry out the installation, the wrong way of installation will damage the structure of your vehicle and lead to safety problems.

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What Wheel Spacers Do Mercedes-Benz S400 Need?

S400 W223 belongs to the German car manufacturing company Mercedes-Benz, the use of wheel bolt fixing way to fix the wheel hub, wheel spacers can only be selected using the same fixing way, there are two kinds, the first is the thickness of the thin wheel spacers, while with the extended wheel bolt for fixing, the extended bolt through the wheel hub and wheel spacers, with the thread of the hub, the thread bite locking pressure can well ensure the use of wheel spacers, Mercedes-Benz S400 using wheel spacers data is PCD: 5×112, CB: 66.5, BONOSS produced by the Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers are less than 20mm thick and are chosen by many users because the thinner wheel spacers not only improve the handling but also push the wheel outward, making the wheel flush with the fender for an improved appearance.

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The other type is wheel adapter or wheel spacers, due to the special structure, the wheel adapter provides the same number of bolt holes as the original hub bolt holes, use the bolts provided by BONOSS to install the wheel spacers on the hub, and then use the S400 original bolts to fix the wheel, this type of wheel spacers/wheel adapters can also convert different PCD and CB rims, and are as safe as the first type of wheel spacers, so you can use them without worry.