Are Wheel Spacers Universal?

Wheel Spacers are not universal and are not recommended for universal use. Universal wheel spacers are available in the aftermarket and a brief look at universal wheel spacers explains why you should not buy universal wheel spacers from the wheel spacers PCD, CB, and hub centric. Using wheel spacers incorrectly will make your vehicle very dangerous.

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What’s PCD?

“The Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) is the diameter of the circle which passes through the center of all the studs, wheel bolts or wheel rim holes”. Incorrect PCD wheel spacers may cause wheel bolts to fail. Universal wheel spacers provide two or more bolt mounting holes by designing the bolt mounting positions to accommodate more space, which also means that when mounting car bolts this can lead to. This also means that the wheel spacers may vibrate or fail when installing wheel bolts.

What Does CB Mean?

The center bore is the size of the hole in the center of the wheel where the spigot fits through. The center bore, (also known as spigot size), is the diameter of this hole, usually measured in millimeters. It’s also called hub centric.

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In the case of installing a wheel spacer, the kitted wheel bolts are installed on the original hub assembly, the original wheel bolts are installed on the wheel spacers. So when we change other sizes of rims, install the wheel spacers to fit the rims. Different sizes of wheel hubs have different PCDs. CB is also the other data need to consider when you want to change the wheel hub, the wheel spacer’s hub centric is contacted with the wheel hub. So when we change another rim, the protruding part called hub centric needs to fit the wheel hub.

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What’s Hub centric?

Most of the failures of wheel spacers on the forum are due to the choice of not having a hub centric, why is a hub centric so important? It starts with the origin of the hub centric. The hub centric covers the ring between the center hole of the aftermarket wheel and the hub of the vehicle, where the wheel bead and wheel bearing are concentric to ensure wheel retention and help prevent vibration problems.

Based on this concept, wheel spacers are designed the hub centric to ensure that the hub centric data is 100% true to the original vehicle data by measuring the hub assembly of each vehicle firsthand, which is why universal wheel spacers should not be used, as most universal wheel spacers do not have a hub centric or have a large data tolerance which makes driving risky. Please buy hub centric wheel spacers as they will meet your modification needs and ensure your safety.

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