Installing wheel spacers is a common modification method for your vehicle, while safety should not be neglect. Proper installation is paramount to ensuring the safety of your vehicle.

Selection of wheel spacers

Choosing any part for your vehicle without major experience and knowing how to relate to the subject is an extremely bad idea—especially when it comes to wheels and wheel parts. We have three factors here to select a high-quality one: Hardness, Durability, Customization.

  • Hardness and durability. In most case, genuine products of 7075-T6 and 6061-T6 meet the requirements. 7075-T6 suffices off-road and summit racing for its excellent features. But if you ride on road, 6061-T6 could be a good choice for the price.
  • It is best to customize the wheel spacers for special vehicles, because the wheel spacers thickness and hub-bore diameter applicable to each vehicle are different.

What Types of Subaru Wheel Spacers Are Recommended for Forester BONOSS Forged Aftermarket Performance Tire Spacers (2)

Wheel spacers installing(video for you)

In fact, the installation is very simple. Use the jack to jack up the wheel on the side of the rear wheel, and then remove the wheel. Clean the rust on the brake disc and put the wheel spacer on, put the wheels back on. But some problems like vibration with wheel spacers are when they are installed incorrectly, and we mark the precautions you should know here.

  • Use the right-angle ruler to measure the horizontal distance from the hub to the finder. You can use this to determine the thickness of the spacer you want, if you ensure the balance of the body.
  • Impact wrenches are NOT recommended for installing adapters, due to the possibility of under or over tightening.
  • When reversing screw nuts of wheel spacers, if the brake disc is turned, someone needs to step on the brakes.
  • Different wheel spacers and screw bolts require different torque, please adjust according to the requirements of the manufacturer.
  • There are some models such as Tesla Model 3 and Model X, whose original wheel stubs need to be shortened when installing, as far as the screw can be put in the groove on the hub and prepares the length for reinforcement.

Checking and subsequent steps

  • After installation, turn the wheels to the left and right to confirm whether you will encounter the fender and lining.
  • Retorque all lug nuts on vehicle after first 25 miles. Wheels, spacers, and adapters should be retorqued every 5,000 miles. This is very important to ensure safety.

Ultimately, I wish you all possess a safe and marvelous car by installing the wheel spacers.

If you want to get high-quality wheel spacers, welcome to consult us. We are BONOSS, focusing on high-performance wheel spacers, which are customized for most vehicle models and distinguished by patented designs of forged active cooling and lightweight.