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Toyota’s 120 and 150 models have been in use for nearly a decade, during which time many Land Cruiser Prado owners have chosen to use BONOSS wheel spacers for installation, and with the official update of the Land Cruiser Prado, which will be completed in 2023 or 2024, the Land Cruiser Prado will be updated. Land Cruiser Prado model update, this model according to Japanese media reports will be the update of the current model, continue to use the 150 model or 200 model chassis model, BONOSS for the 120 model, 150 model, and 200 model are provided with adaptable hub centric wheel spacers, in the new model BONOSS will also update the model data when the new model becomes available.

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The 120 and 150 model of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado wheel spacers are popular for a reason. Most owners who choose the Prado like its ability to pass on the road, and the off-road capability of the SUV is excellent, and for this reason, installing wheel spacers will widen the Prado’s track to provide a more stable ride, and most off-road vehicles choose to install wheel spacers. When modifying a dedicated off-road vehicle, the customer may adjust the suspension or install a larger (negative offset) rim to gain more ground clearance. To avoid the impact between the rim and the suspension while in use, use wheel spacers to push the wheels to the edge or wherever you want.

Is It Good To Use Wheel Spacers On 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX-xu (5)

Is It Good To Use Wheel Spacers On 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX-xu (1)

Is It Safe to Off-road With Wheel Spacers?

For customers with modification ideas, simply adjusting the suspension to gain ground clearance does make an intuitive difference, especially when passing certain obstacles, but lateral stability changes as well, using wheel spacers to gain a wider track is necessary, but at the same time some people may feel that installing wheel spacers is unsafe, these doubts usually are

  1. The added weight requires more driving force to drive the movement.
  2. The greater weight may cause the lug nuts to break, resulting in safety accidents.
  3. Altered geometry, which may accelerate the wear of bearings and sleeves.

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And in fact, not only for off-road vehicles with modified suspension, the right thickness of wheel spacers does not lead to safety accidents, the practice of flush rim with the fender is desirable, but excessive increase in the track does affect bearing life, so the selection of the thickness of wheel spacers is especially important, in the state of the flush fender, wheel spacers are suitable for off-road vehicles with adjusted suspensions and other cars without adjusted suspensions. The use of the negative offset aftermarket rim mentioned above will also cause a change in geometric center, and this is too expensive for the occasional off-road customer.

The use of hub centric wheel spacers is safe. The hub centric wheel spacers ensure that the rim remains concentric with the hub after installation, and the bearing stress points are still achieved through the hub centric, not the lug nuts, eliminating the possibility of shaking at high driving speeds. The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with wheel spacers uses stud-on wheel spacers, which are fixed to the hub by the lug nuts that come with the wheel spacers, and then the rim is installed by OE lug nuts.

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BONOSS provides lug nuts with wheel spacers of grade 10 or higher, while the quality of stud also passed the SGS and TUV test report, with reliable performance and quality, these test reports provide a strong backing of trust but also means that the material hardness, tensile strength, fatigue resistance is excellent, you do not have to worry about the lug nuts or lug stud breakage during the driving process. BONOSS has a complete test report to guarantee the quality of the product.