Everyone would like a car with a good looking in the society. Some people like to make their metal baby more attractive by changing the size of the wheels, adding a body kit, or giving them fancy paint. If you intend to upgrade the appearance of your wheels, you may want to consider getting wheel spacers. Wheel spacers are designed to create more clearance and backspacing for wheels. They have been widely used as an effective upgrade among many racing enthusiasts. Not only will they give your car a cool look, but they will also enhance the performance.


Wheel Spacers Make Your Car Look Better

If you calculate well and get proper size wheel spacers installed, your car will look much snazzier. These components will create extra clearance between the hub assembly and the wheels. This makes the wheel protrude away from the fender, giving your car a sportier and more aggressive exterior. It will distinguish your car from other cars in the street. Furthermore, using wheel spacers is common practice to complete the cool look of a widebody car. If you have added wider fenders and kept the current wheels, you will most likely find a big hole in the fenders-the wheels look stuck in the arches too much. With wheel spacers, you can push the wheels to fill the arches, which effectively makes your widebody car more noticeable!

Wheel Spacers Provide a Better Handling

By pushing the wheels further away from the vehicle hub, they increase the track width, hence reduce body roll. This helps improve your tires’ lateral grip. The tires are more evenly loaded, which leads to better handling of the car and faster acceleration coming out of a corner. This adds more stability and improves handling even when the tire size does not change. Getting wheel spacers installed means you can have a wider variety of traction options. You may have seen many racing cars come with large wheels and wondered how a mechanic got them on in the first place. Most large wheels won’t fit on average size cars. Wheel spacers allow you to put larger wheels on your car with no problems. Through this function, they will also make the required room for a larger caliper that wouldn’t fit in the factory wheel space. If you try to install larger wheels or bigger brakes without using wheel spacers then you may have to worry about the wheels rubbing against the frame and the axle.

Wheel Spacers Can Convert PCD/CB for Fitment

Another reason to use wheel spacers is the conversion ability to install aftermarket rims with different bolt patterns and hub diameters on the vehicle properly. Wheel spacers with conversion functions are called wheel adapters. By adding wheel adapters, you can build your own PCD conversion specification, such as 5 lug to 6 lug adapters, 5×4.5″ to 5×5.5″ adapters, 8×6.5″ to 8×180 adapters. Many aftermarket rims are made with larger hub diameters. This helps to increase the number of models the wheel fits. They are called lug centric wheels. Since the vehicle hubs are designed to fit on specific-make wheels, if you would like to add lug centric wheels, you will need conversion hub centric wheel spacers. They have different outer and inner diameters in size to fit the hub to the required size, which exactly corresponds to the axle. It transforms a lug centric wheel into hub centric one. With wheel spacers, you will have the very best options for wheels and tires going forward.

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