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Wheel Spacers are being used more and more widely in cars, and F80 M3 spacers can help BMW M3 F80 solve many problems, including brake system upgrades, aftermarket wheel modifications, suspension adjustment, optimization of appearance and many other aspects need the help of F80 M3 Spacers. No worries about the safety of the F80 M3 Spacers, BONOSS designed a special track F80 M3 spacers for performance cars such as the M3 type, the product is strong enough to support performance car track driving.

Are F80 M3 Spacers Safe?

F80 M3 Spacers are made of 7075-T6 forged aluminum alloy, which has higher strength compared to 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, and the forging technology helps to obtain a denser structure, eliminating the possibility that wheel spacers may have voids, thus improving the structural strength of F80 M3 spacers, which can be more evenly stressed and maintain excellent mechanical properties after installation.

Hub-centric F80 M3 Spacers are designed with a center ring, and the 0.02mm high precision machining makes the hub assembly match the wheel spacers better, and helps the wheel and hub assembly maintain a concentric position, solving the possible problem of lug-centric wheel spacers, eliminates the possibility of shaking at high speed, and provides a better driving comfort to customers.

Matching wheel stud conversion to get enough clamping force, F80 M3 spacers need to be fixed by extended wheel bolts, the length of extended wheel bolts are the length of F80 M3 spacers plus stock wheel bolts, the length can provide enough engagement turns to provide enough clamping force. The length of stud conversion is 75mm, which is suitable for F80 M3 spacers below 20mm, and the lug nuts are used for fixing, which is more friendly for mounting wheels. Titanium alloy material is stronger than steel alloy stock wheel bolts and aftermarket wheel bolts, and the pleasure of buying a set of titanium alloy products far exceeds that of buying a set of normal aftermarket wheel bolts.

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Where to Buy F80 M3 Spacers?

BONOSS has many distributors all over the world, they are responsible for the sales of BONOSS products, which include wheel spacers, wheel bolts, lug nuts, wheel stud conversion, etc. If you need to find the nearest distributor, you can find it on the official website of BONOSS. At the same time, BONOSS provides wheel spacers for individuals, these products can be found on the official website of BONOSS, just look for the corresponding year model to get the right product.

When Will My F80 M3 Spacers be Shipped?

F80 M3 spacers in stock are generally shipped within 24 -48 hours. For customize, F80 M3 spacers are generally shipped within 3 days (some special customized orders or models may take longer). Once your F80 M3 spacers are shipped, we will provide you with the tracking number through the email you provided. Remember to check your email. If you have not received the tracking number or have other questions, please contact our customer service.

Can My F80 M3 Spacers Be Sent to My Country and Location?

The BONOSS F80 M3 spacers you purchased can be shipped to most countries and regions around the world, through FedEx / DHL / UPS / TNT / EMS and other shipping channels, you don’t need to worry about it. However, a few remote carriers will charge special service fees (only in rare cases, we will contact you in advance if there are any). If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

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Can I Mount BMW M3 F80 Wheel Spacers on The Front Only-xu (4)