BONOSS-forged active cooling Wheel-Spacers

With the warm-up of the Black Friday promotion, it’s time to add products to your list. If you want to buy some expensive but fantastic car accessories, don’t miss it! Have you ever thought of upgrading your vehicle’s appearance, as well as improving its performance? Forged hub-centric wheel spacers can be an optimized choice to achieve your envisage with safety. Why not take advantage of the Black Friday sales 2021 and see if there is anything you want?

What Black Friday Sales You Will Enjoy Here?

To welcome this exciting festival, BONOSS launch early Black Friday sales notice for high-performance forged hub-centric wheel spacers. There will be many diverse sales activities, such as free shipping for certain expanse, 15-20% off all products, rewards for returning pics, lucky bag, lottery, and even exclusive coupons. No matter you’re a new or old customer, you can enjoy our Black Friday discount.

What can Forged Hub-centric Wheel Spacers Benefit?

Forged process-More exquisite product. Forged wheel spacers are produced under continuous intense pressure, and they are a  one-piece structure, so the hardness and toughness of wheel spacers will be better than casting ones.

Hub-centric-Higher adaptability and safety. Hub-centric design refers to the center ring of the wheel spacer being customized to the same diameter as the axle hub of your vehicle and there are step designs making wheel spacers snap onto the axle. That means vibration issues will not occur while driving, to avoid rubbing against other accessories and prevent wheels from falling.


Are Forged Hub-centric Wheel Spacers Safe?

  • It depends on whether you purchase suitable and high-quality wheel spacers. Check your user manual and tell your vehicle information to service personnel. If you had modified your wheel systems like brake kit, suspension, and wheels, tell the true situation and let the professionals calculate for you.
  • As for the quality, besides the forging process and hub-centric mentioned above, the material used to make wheel spacers is essential. Aluminum alloy performs better in lightweight, structure stability, malleability, thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance.
  • Furthermore, a core technology of wheel spacer is its competitiveness. For BONOSS forged active cooling wheel spacers, the world’s first patented technology “Active Cooling” uses aerodynamic curves to speed up the airflow to take away more heat generated in the wheel system, which is significant for the lifetime of accessories and driving safety.

When it comes to car accessories, as long as the quality can be proved, the price is worth more than the price itself. High-quality wheel spacers’ costs cannot be cut down limitlessly for their high-end materials and process. Black Friday sales 2021 is an excellent chance to help you save some budget on modifications. Welcome to browse our forged hub-centric wheel spacers. And various exciting sales activities will come soon.