Spacers for rims are designed to create more clearance and backspacing for wheels. They allow you to safely fit wider tires on your existing wheels or upgrade to bigger wheels without rubbing against the frame, axle, or other suspension components. This effectively improves traction and handling. By using conversion car spacers, you can even add rims with various bolt patterns safely, such as 5 lug to 6 lug, 5×4.5″ to 5×5.5″, 8×6.5″ to 8×180. Besides, hub centric wheel spacers can not only make a stable wheel-spacer-hub connection, reducing high-speed vibration but also convert the center bore diameter (e.g., 66.5mm to 72.5mm), which is functioned as hub centric rings. With various thickness spacers for rims, you are able to control how far out your wheels can be. Aesthetically, this improves the look of your vehicle by moving the wheels out to be flush with the fender wells. This will provide a significant driving experience increase.

Installing Spacers for Rims to Slove Brake Clearance Issues

Although upgrading your vehicle to big brake kits will provide a significant performance increase, they may not always fit the stock or aftermarket wheels. In order to accommodate the larger size of performance brake kits, your stock or aftermarket wheels often require spacers for rims. They are used to create the necessary distance on the inner portion of the wheel for clearance problems with bigger brake calipers. If you had clearance issues at the brake, then the thickness depends on the increased height of the caliper. By pushing out the wheels, you can gain the ideal amount of clearance for a larger brake instead of rubbing against it when remounting the wheel. With the correct installation, your modification will be safe and beneficial!

Mercedes-Benz EQB Wheel Spacers

Installing Spacers for Rims to Complete the Look of Widebody Car

Typically, widebody builds include new offset wheels and tires, because keeping the current wheels would make the car look like there’s a huge hole in the fender. Hence, if you have added a wide body kit and don’t want to change wheels, then spacers for rims will be your most effective solution. Using wheel spacers to push the wheels outwards is common practice to complete the cool look of a widebody car. Whether you’re just looking to give your car a hellaflush stance or improve your car’s handling, wheel spacers will be your safe and easy solution. You’ll have a wider track and a lower center of gravity on the axle that you have installed spacers on. There are a few significant benefits available from widening a car with spacers. An increased track width enables your tires to better grip the road surface, you will feel more stable. Most importantly, extending your car’s track also lowers the roll center and reduces the load transfer to the outside wheel when cornering.