Will 2022 BMW iX Wheel Spacers 5x112 Fit BONOSS Hub Centric Wheel Spacers Bolt Pattern Wheel Offset

Adding 2022 BMW iX wheel spacers has been a common wheel upgrade subject. They have existed around for multiple decades in countless racing events, make sure they are high quality and are installed properly, there will be no problems. With 2022 BMW iX wheel spacers, you can safely install bigger wheels and tires. They will provide more backspace for larger performance brakes. By moving the wheels outward, they widen the track. As the track width increases, the amount of grip that your 2022 BMW iX has in corners enhances, allowing faster cornering. This is effective in achieving a more dynamic and aggressive style with a very friendly budget. As long as you get the right set installed, you can enjoy all the advantages of the 2022 BMW iX wheel spacers. Here we offer a handy guide to help you determine whether 5×112 spacers will fit.

How to Measure 2022 BMW iX Wheel Spacers Bolt Pattern?

The bolt pattern is an important factor that determines whether these 2022 BMW iX wheel spacers will fit 5×112 vehicle hubs. You can easily check the vehicle bolt pattern by the model and year on Google. But some people may be unsure what’s the model or year of their vehicles. Rather than go on an exhaustive trek to get that information, just measure that lug pattern size. Firstly, count the wheel lug holes. Most sedans and SUVs have 5 lugs on each wheel, some trucks and pickups have 6 lugs or even 8 lugs. This is not difficult. But you need to pay more attention to measuring the bolt pattern circle. The method below will give you the bolt pattern circle diameter. Assuming you have a 5 lugs wheel and the bolt pattern circle diameter is 112mm, then the bolt pattern would be 5×112 or 5 on 112.

How to measure BONOSS 5 lug wheel spacers bolt pattern

For a 5 lugs wheel, pick one lug hole to start from, use a ruler to measure from the outer edge of that hole to the center of the adjacent hole (skip the one bolt hole).

How to measure BONOSS 6 lug wheel spacers bolt pattern

For a 4 or 6 lugs wheel, that is much easier, just measure center to center of two holes directly across from each other.

How to Measure 2022 BMW iX Wheel Spacers Offset?

Calculating the final offset is critical for fitting 2022 BMW iX wheel spacers, especially important for those who plan to add a lift kit or wide body kit. Apart from the bolt pattern, measuring the wheel offset is a little technical as every wheel has a different offset and backspace. Luckily, the measurement is the same.

  • For wheel offset, use a ruler to measure from the mounting flange to the centerline of the wheel. The 2022 BMW iX wheel spacers will reduce the wheel offset. The lower the offset is, the more your wheel will stick out which is generally good for creating a sportier and more aggressive stance.
  • For wheel backspace, measure from the mounting pad to the inner edge of the wheel. And 2022 BMW iX wheel spacers will increase the backspace. The more backspace the wheel has, the more space it will offer for a big brake kit or other suspension components.