If you own a 2010-2024 Kia Soul, knowing the proper lug nut size and torque specs is important for safe tire changes and wheel installations. In this guide, we’ll provide a complete rundown of Kia Soul lug nut sizes for all model years between 2010-2024.

What Size is OEM 2010-2024 Kia Soul Lug Nut?

The factory lug nut size for all 2010-2024 Kia Soul models is 12×1.5. This means the lug nuts have a 12mm diameter thread and 1.5mm pitch.

Replacing your lug nuts with the proper OEM spec is important.

What Size Socket for a Kia Soul Lug Nut?

To remove or install Kia Soul lug nuts, you’ll need proper socket. Most lug nut socket sets will include this size.

Always use a proper impact socket if using power tools for removal.

What is the Torque Spec for 2010-2024 Kia Soul Lug Nuts?

Torquing your Kia Soul lug nuts properly prevents wheels from loosening while driving. The factory torque spec for 2010-2024 Kia Soul lug nuts is:

  • Alloy wheels – 107 – 127 Nm

This spec should be followed closely anytime the wheels are removed and reinstalled. Insufficient torque can lead to vibration or wheel loss. Over tightening can damage the studs.

It’s recommended to use a calibrated torque wrench rather than an impact gun. Tighten the nuts in a star pattern and double check the torque after 50-100 miles.

2010-2024 Kia Soul Lug Nut Size Guide (All Year Models)

Why BONOSS Aftermarket Kia Soul Lug Nuts are Best?

For an OEM-quality Kia Soul lug nut replacement, check out the BONOSS brand. They meet all factory size, thread pitch and seat specs for a perfect fit. Benefits of BONOSS lug nuts as following.

  • Precise OEM thread size 12×1.5
  • Made of forged 50BV30 steel
  • Black coating resists corrosion

BONOSS lug nuts deliver excellent durability and torque retention for all 2010-2024 Kia Souls. Their precision manufacturing ensures a no-wobble installation.

For top safety, torque retention and appearance, upgrade your factory lug nuts to BONOSS. Their quality design provides peace of mind and prevents wheel vibrations down the road.

Knowing the proper lug nut size, socket, torque and aftermarket brands keeps your Kia Soul wheels secure. Follow the recommendations in this guide for optimal safety and performance.

High-quality aftermarket nuts like BONOSS meet the precise dimensions for a guaranteed fit.

With the right tools and specs, you can change a flat or swap wheels worry-free. Just be diligent with routine torque checks, especially after installing new tires or lug nuts. Your Kia Soul will reward you with a smooth, vibration-free ride all year long.