BONOSS is a high-end brand established by Guangzhou Zhongpeng Auto Parts  Co., Limited, based on the original BLOXSPORT brand with higher performance as the standard.

Founded in 2007, Guangzhou Zhongpeng Auto Parts  Co., Limited. is a company specializing in R&D, production and sales of forged wheel hub Spacer, bolts and nuts. Since the company was founded, we insist in the principle of safety first and strictly self-discipline. We believed that every wheel spacer, bolt or nut carries the integrity and happiness of a family. Therefore, we insist on strictly complying with ISO high standards from raw material selection to finished product testing, and introduce independent testing by third-party authoritative organizations, such as SGS and TUV to ensure that each product can carry a safe mission.

As an excellent wheel spacer, bolt or nut, safety is the most basic requirement. On this basis, only continuous innovation and improvement can bring more value and better experience to our customers. We have more than 10 R&D personnel, specializing in vehicle data collection, product design optimization, product testing and finished product launch. Up to now, we have completed the measurement and matching of 95% of the common car models on the market. More than 1,800 product innovations and upgrade drawings are available for review at any time, and we promise to complete the R&D matching work within 2 months after the launch of new mainstream models, the hot new models only need 2 weeks.

Since the establishment of the company in 2007, We were mainly engaged in OEM or ODM of high-strength wheel Spacers, bolts/studs and nuts, and provided premium, professional and personalized products and services for the customers who came from more than 100 countries including Germany, Japan, USA, UK, Italy and Sweden. Now, our products are distributed to more countries and regions all around the world. In 2014, we launched the lug nuts and wheel spacers products based on our own brand “BLOXSPORT”. Then BLOXSPORT quickly grew up the first choice brand for many car enthusiasts and games because of high quality products, professional service level and high cost performance. So that we obtained a power source of continuous improvement from the overwhelming positive customer reviews on the internet.

In 2018, we developed the “Active Cooling” wheel spacers, which were obtained the patents in many countries and the regions, in the meantime, we made a breakthrough in forged technology for the bolts/studs and lug nuts. In order to let our customers to know more information about the high performance products directly, we formally decided to use a new brand “BONOSS”, which is the High-end Brand with higher performance, higher standards and more improvements for users furthermore also take safety as the foundation and professional skill as the core so as to creat more value for customers and more happiness for their life.

Look forward to the future, we will insist on the wheel spacers and the bolts/studs/nuts as our core products as well as provide more High Performance products for the games and the Automobile Race. We will continue to develop and research the products and provide professional, excellent, timely and cost-effective services for our customers.