Get your very own wheel styles in just three steps: Measuring the vehicle, find your
wheel size and learn more about products in factory.

Step 1

Measure Your Vehicle

BONOSS insists on the most real first-hand data. If you would like to custom wheel spacers,
then we need to know about the bolt pattern, center bore, and the thickness. We also have a professional team that can do it for you.

BONOSS Custom Wheel Spacers Wheel Bolts Lug Nuts Measure
BONOSS Custom Wheel Spacers Wheel Bolts Lug Nuts Design

Step 2

Design Your Product

BONOSS has set up an independent design department. Once we receive the data, we will have professional designers follow up to design the safest spacers for your car. The color and decorative pattern of wheel spacers and adapters are also available to be customized.

Step 3

Manufacture Your Product

Best equipment for the best products. In addition to the conventional production facilities, we also have special machinery equipment, dedicated production molds, specific quality examination tools, particular transfer lines for work stations. So far, the precision has even achieved to 0.02mm. On this basis, we are able to continuously produce high efficiency, high quality, high safety and high stability products.

BONOSS Custom Wheel Spacers Wheel Bolts Lug Nuts Shipping

Step 4

Send Your Product

Normally, your custom product will be finished in 1-3 work days. BONOSS shipping department will give priority to choose FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, Economy Shipping or other express, striving to deliver the product you ordered to you in the shortest possible time. Once your Magnet plugs are shipped out, we will send the tracking numbers to the email you provided. Please pay attention to check it.


Based on our professional experience, reasonable resource allocation, security needs, and usability performance, not only do we provide the OEM and ODM for the enterprise, but we also provide professional and efficient customized service and solutions for the car owners to save their time and increase customer’s experience.

For Wheel Spacers, Wheel Adapters:

1. Non-normal thickness’s customized service, 3mm-160mm even thicker wheel spacers.
2. Non-normal size’s customized service, 130mm-350mm even bigger wheel spacers.
3. Non-normal car model customized service, including our professional measurement and design service.
4. Non-normal spacers for customized wheels, including BBS, RAYS, and BRABUS, etc., brand.
5. PCD conversion customized service, such as Mercedes-Benz use Porsche’s specialized wheel, 5 lug to 6 lug adapters…
6. Color and pattern design customized service, what do you like?
7. Two materials can be chosen, Forged Aluminium 6061-T6 or 7075-T6.
8. Professional customized consultation service, feasibility analysis, and security testing.

For Wheel Bolts, Wheel Nuts:

Since wheel bolts and wheel nuts are volume production, the customized cost will be too high, we don’t suggest making it. As for the wheel bolts and wheel nuts customized service, based on the stock production, the color, and the pattern personalized service, we suggest differentiation of pattern personalized customization service. But for the Titanium wheel bolts and lug nuts, we can provide one package customized service. We will provide the best customer service, welcomed to contact us.

For Other Products :

In order to show the personalization and make it more fun for our car owner, most products support customized services of color and pattern. Welcome to contact us to get more information.